Paskuhan 2013

My first Paskuhan experience was definitely a blast and I will never ever forget this.

University of Santo Tomas’ Paskuhan 2013: “Pasko sa Puso ko” happened last Friday, December 20, 2013.  I’ve always wanted to go to UST’s Annual Paskuhan, and last Friday was when this dream came true. This year’s Paskuhan might be simple — only a one-day celebration, no fireworks, no bongga-as-the-previous-years Christmas lights, and only a  few bands — but the simpleness of such great event will never be a hindrance for Thomasians to feel the Christmas spirit. Hours before the said happening, rain poured really hard which might have caused the postponement of the event, but then again, everything would not be an obstacle to a great Paskuhan experience of every Thomasian.

What made this year’s Paskuhan? The bands, indeed. Maybe some people would not appreciate such thing but me, as a big fangirl of bands, would definitely enjoy every little bit of the Paskuhan concert.

205 211

Teng brothers!

240 233

Jimmy Bondoc

252 262 264 - Copy

Never The Strangers

268 275 287 288 - Copy 299 305 - Copy

Rico “Fiesto Bandido” Blanco

It was my first time to watch Rico Blanco perform live, and may I just say that he is definitely the epitome of a performer. His first song was Antukin (which by the way is my favorite among all of his songs) and I sang my lungs heart stomach and everything-else-internal out all throughout the song. I swear I felt like I gave so much energy on one song I cannot with the Umaaraw, Umuulan anymore. But anyway, I made it until Elesi though; and it was just sad he didn’t play Your Universe and Yugto. Moreover, my cyber bestfriend was totally the highlight of my first Paskuhan (add the fact that he said “I love you” to me on Twitter tho). Rico freaking Blanco was just amazing and I will never (ever) forget this first time I saw him live. 


 Gab Chee Kee

375 382

Darius Semaña

390 391 398

Buhawi Meneses

348 - Copy 403 - Copy

Chito Miranda


Parokya Ni Edgar

I was expecting them to perform last, and when Rico was done performing, I thought I could get a little rest before Parokya. But I was wrong, really, really, really wrong. I wasn’t ready. HAHA. But of course, it’s Parokya Ni Edgar that’s why I need to give so much energy (with or without rest). Six songs were not enough for a band like this, sobrang nakakabitin. But I am still thankful that on my first Paskuhan, my favorite band was there! That was my fourth time to see them live, btw, and I swear, I will never ever get tired of seeing them face-to-face.

This was just heartbreaking though:

387 - Copy

 Huuuu, I should’ve stepped on the monoblock chair so Chito could’ve noticed me. Damn, regrets.

Anyway, I will forever love this man and his band. Walang iwanan sa Parokya. ♥

365 369

 It was obvious that they were the main act. After them, most of the audience went out of the venue already. But I want to enjoy this first Paskuhan experience so I stayed until 1 AM.

419 417


427 428

Isa Fabregas



444 451 458

 Joyce Pring so freaking beautiful aaaah my heart

476 485


493 501

 Join The Club

I was expecting fireworks that’s why I waited until 1 AM but there was nothing out there. It broke my heart. chausse. But with or without fireworks, my first Paskuhan experience was an explosion. (what) It was a blast!! Again, it might be simple, but the way I felt the Thomasian Christmas spirit.. it was the greatest Christmas spirit I’ve ever felt!

177 179

“True love will always be greater than first love.” I love you, UST. ♥

More photos here :)


Vans Summer Music Jam

Last Saturday, May 11, the very first Vans Summer Music Jam happened at MoA Arena. I only got lowerbox tickets that day (thanks to Jessa and Merielle [someone I knew from Twitter]), the two were free, and I got the third ticket for 400 pesos. Hehe, thank you again guys :) Anyway, I was with my sister and cousin that day. We arrived at MoA Arena by 5:30, and the show started by 8:30 (wow). The line-up was composed of Save Me Hollywood, Moonstar88, The Chongkeys, Rocksteddy, Franco, Urbandub and Kamikazee.



this was so amazing


KC Montero, Tado, Cesca Litton, Jimmy Muna as the event’s hosts

The first band to perform was Save Me Hollywood. It was my first time to hear their music, and the very first thing I noticed was that their music is like Paramore’s. The beat, how Julz sings, and the concept — very, very, very Paramore. And yes, add Juliann Savard’s fashion sense is so Hayley.

311a 313

I just remembered that Chicosci’s bassist Calde has a side band called Save Me Hollywood. I only remembered that when I saw him during their perf. 

317 322

Very Hayley Williams


Melvin, also Typecast’s drummer


The second band was Moonstar88. My second most-awaited band that night because that was the first time I got to see them perform live! Maysh’s voice is so rock and angelic at the same time. Seriously I feel like I’m listening to their album that time, her voice is just so perfect I can’t even.

323b 325

Maysh’s so pretty :( ♥


Bamboo look-a-like haha


The Chongkeys was the third band to perform. Though they are so loud (haha), I like their music style, it’s so unique. Reggae + metal rock. And their songs are so damn hilarious.

331d 336a336338345

haha long hair people

Fourth band was Rocksteddy, one of the best sets of the night. Teddy got this humor that makes the crowd alive, just like Jay of Kamikazee.

347a (1)352357360

teddy instagramming the crowd

359 361 366

stage dive

The next set was Franco. I really really like Franco’s songs. I just wish they didn’t disband since they really got the best line-up. Anyway, they’re still in good terms (Franco, Buwi, Janjan, Ocho, and Gab) after the break-up.

370a (2) 375 377

The next band was Urbandub. C’mon, the crowd was really really wild especially during the First of Summer and Guillotine! And guys, I just love Lalay Lim so much right now she’s now my favorite bassist, next to Buwi (ofcourse hehe).

377a 379 380 381

Lalay ♥_♥

387 390 391 393

And then the last set, the most-awaited set!!! KAMIKAZEE!! That was the best set of the night, and the best set of Kamikazee that I’ve watched so far. They sang 8 songs, far from their usual 5 songs. That was the 4th time I’ve seen them live, and mind you, I’ve already memorized the way they play live, and will never get used to it. They sang (not in particular order) Martyr Nyebera, Seksi Seksi, Doo Bidoo, Halik, Ambisyosa, Huling Sayaw, Sobrang Init and Narda. Best songs ever from Maharot and Romantico. I really made the most out of their set, I sang with them on every song and cried my lungs out throughout their set. The last time I saw them live was last October, it has been seven months and I missed them so much. I missed Jay’s dance moves and Jomal’s laugh. I just missed them so freaking much. Every gig/concert, I just fall in love with them more and more and more and more. I love these guys and I’ll support them no matter what happens.

395 407416426

Jay’s dance moves ♥



crowd surf…. their gigs aren’t complete without this


I love you Jose Ma. Luis Linao!!!!


dark side


papa bords <3


Puto <3


Led <3 

484a (1)

These are my boysssssss. Mahal na mahal ko ‘tong mga ‘to. Feeling ko matatagalan nanaman bago ko makapaggig ulit pero susuportahan ko ‘tong mga ‘to hanggang sa huli!!! Romantico 4ever ♥

First time in MoA Arena, and yes, OPM pa rin. I hope Philippine Concerts and Manila Concert Scene will give more shows like this to OPM acts! OPM FOREVER. <3

The School Year That Was

I got the title on my winning-essay on Samaritan Essay Contest that was entitled ‘The Summer That Was’. Okay, anyway, ayoko na maging formal. Sisirain ko na yung formality ng blog ko para masabi yung mga gusto kong sabihin sa inyo. Taglish tayo mga fare. :3

205332_412966545411099_1467230754_nHappy Birthday Vanden!


574856_491764407503202_304079907_n 558342_491771357502507_261107329_npractice turned gala


184136_495816640431312_1717194602_nscientist in motion

pagevanity part 1

page1Happy Birthday Jaybelle!

481113_507387562607553_495748880_n 5Foundation day

7810Speech choir

21772_529974303682212_2116340649_n 156931_529974153682227_613578327_n 602295_529974380348871_834506039_nCarol Fest elimination

36393129_541868609159448_279569806_nCarol Fest finals

page3vanity part 2

16 055 064Christmas Parteyyy

page4vanity part 3

page5moseley w/ koreans

page6Huma hehe


060 077Magical Masquerade

535490_577536162259359_9066035_nHappy birthday Erika!

071068 072Graduation

153 208 230Send-off Party

(c) Vanden Bocog || Rachel Almario on some pektyurz

Ilan lang yan sa mga pictures naten, guys. Putek, andami. Halos 2 hours bago ko matype ‘tong mga nababasa niyo ngayon. Anyway. Ano ba sasabihin ko. Moseley yung favorite kong section. Sa apat na taon ko sa MaSci, nagkaron ako ng apat na pamilya, sa apat na yon, Moseley pinakafavorite ko. Sa Moseley rin ako pinakanaattached. Kaya nga sobrang nakakalungkot eh. Di ko alam kung anong nakita ko sa Moseley na wala sa ibang sections na nakasama ko. Siguro napasa ng Moseley yung basis ko ng perfect section, kumbaga 85% ganon. Haha. Ewan ko, di naman perfect eh, we lack cooperation, we lack bondings, pero it’s just that.. comfortable ako sa Moseley. Siguro kasi nakakausap ko lahat lagi. Di naman lahat lagi. Ewan. Mahirap iexplain. Game, message.

Chrisean. Isa ka sa mga pinakamabait at pinakamapagpasensyang taong nakilala ko sa apat na taon ko sa MaSci. Hanga ako sa paglilead mo ng Carol Fest tas kahit hindi kami sumusunod, matagal bago ka mabadtrip. Hirap ‘non mehn. Salamat sa lahat, sa pagtulong sa pagsaway sa Moseley, sa pagbili ng spraynet at stockings, sa lahat. :)) Improve mo lang onte jokes mo ha. HAHAHAJK.

Edward. Kung hindi dahil kay Tita Airen, hindi magiging close Moseley. De, malaking part yon. Salamat Edward kasi maaasahan kang tunay. Gudlak kita tayo sa USTe Edward woo!

Thaqu. Humagulgol ka ba sa sidecar kahapon, Tak? Joke. Salamat sa mga kabalastugan kahit na wala pa atang 35% ng jokes ko yung natawa ka. Insecure ka lang talaga kasi mas maganda jokes ko kesa sayo. Laki ng pinagbago mo Tak. Di ka naman ganyan nung third year, di ka nagyoyosi non. Jk, haha harot mo ngayon may inspirasyon ka na kasi eh. Ayos yan pagpatuloy mo wag ka lang masyado malulungkot porket di na kami kasabay mo umuwi. Hehe. Shabu pa.

Bo. Three years, fre. :D Salamat sa mga kabaklaan sa buhay sa mga suporta sa jokes at sa bongga at sa lahat lahat ng natulong mo sa Moseley kasi kahit igitna ka pa namin sa presentations kabog na kabog mo. Ayos lang yan kahit brokenhearted ka nung first year. HAHAHAJOKE sige goodluck mamimiss kita talaga parang kelan lang Ruther tayo.

Buñag. Ilang beses kita nakausap buong portyir? De ayos lang yan. Maangas ka pa rin magbass. Isa ka sa mga patunay na maaangas talaga mga bahista. Idol kita sandoman kahit di ka nakasando nung Gold at Send-off. Ganda rin ng taste mo sa music, nung 2nd year ko pa yun napapansin. Pagpatuloy mo yan kahit na first time mo magpost sa Moseley nung isang araw. Salamat nga pala sa follow back sa Instagram.

Karl. Section mo ulit? De, isa ka sa mga pinagkakatiwalaan ko sa Moseley kahit di ako makapaniwala dun eh. Salamat pre kahit sobrang intrigero mo at laging may XD mga text at chat mo. Isa ka rin sa kakwentuhan ko sa OPM kahit minsan trip mo talaga maiingay. Haha, gig tayo minsan fre. :3 Sana galangin mo na rin mga magulang mo, wala kang patutunguhan jan sa ginagawa mo. Mamimiss kita fre wag na wag ka lang magpapabago ng hairstyle XD

JemirDi kita ganon kaclose last year eh, kaya nagulat ako kasi may mas lalala pa pala sa ugali mo kesa nung 3rd year. Salamat sa lahat Mir kahit lagi mo hinihiram selpon at earphones ko kaya laging lobat. Mamimiss ko rin yun kasi isa ka sa mga kakwentuhan ko sa OPM, salamat. Medyo badboy din DP mo ngayon eh. Haha ingat ka sa kung saan ka man papunta, mamimiss ka namin fre. Napaluha mo si Tak, tandaan mo yan.

DiaIsa ka rin sa mga nagpapalobat ng selpon ko eh kasi pinagsasabay mo laro tsaka music. Azar. Pero magaling ka magdrums tsaka beatbox ayos na yun haha. Gudlak mehn.

Leo. Aj3j3j3. =)) Salamat sa mga kalokohan kahit hindi mo sinusuportahan jokes ko tas yung kay Ian oo kahit di naman talaga nakakatawa. Bias. Haha, basta tuloy mo lang yung mission mo kay Stitch kailangan hanggang day 365 yon kahit dinaya mo na ngayon; at yung survey kay Grimace. USTe na ko kung makapilit ka jan eh, goodluck sa inaasam mong Cum Laude sa PLM. Asaness pa rin haha. Mamimiss kita free prendszx tayo ah haha sige. :))

MimayOmygad Mimay I luv you. De, salamat sa lahat pre ikaw talaga pinakamadrama sa mga lalaki eh nung grad ball ka pa. Parang nung first year lang di ka nagsasalita tas ngayon ganyan ka na, pero oyut ka pa rin. Di bale okay lang hindi magswimming sa outing, aahon talaga kami paminsan-minsan para sayo. Goodluck sa pag-uwi sa Laguna lalo na’t hindi mo na kasabay ang jeepney buddies. Mamimiss kita luv u talaga Mimay. =))))

Neuda. Sana sa susunod na magkita tayo, ayusin mo jokes mo pati pagsasalita mo medyo bagalan mo. Pero masipag ka namang maglakad ng clearance since Calvin kaya wooh saludo ako sayo tuloy mo lang yan.

Ramiloski. Kahit hanggang ngayon walang bumibili sa DesTEAny, ayos lang yan mamimiss ko pa rin maglakad mula Peñalosa hanggang Pilapil nang may kasabay. Nakatipid ako ng bente pesos isang araw dahil sayo. Hehe salamat sa lahat since persyir talaga eh kahit na patuloy niyo pinapakilala saken yung mga taong magkakamukha naappreciate ko naman kPop dahil senyo. Wooh mamimiss kita ajuju uste na yan!

Roxas. Pre, basta yung mga jokes mo pag nagkita tayo sa October 12 kailangan medyo naglevel-up na ha. Ayos naman yan nung mga first days eh. Kung kelang last day tsaka sumablay, nakonaman. De salamat oy kahit ganyan ka.. ganyan ka na talaga eh. Wala na ko magagawa. Salamat sa lahat lalo na sa project sa ComSci, TY na lang talaga yun. Mamimiss kita mehn taba mo panget buhok mo.

Shueb. Kwashipafkanfjkanfkjsky. Salamat sa mga kakornihan tayo lang naman nagkakaintindihan minsan pero minsan sobra na’t di na rin kita maintindihan. Angelo Bulak, akalain mo yun. Salamat freee. Ikaw nagpaiyak saken nung gradball buti umurong luha ko. Ingat ka kung saan ka man patungo basta follow your dreams wooh mamimiss kita!!

Rachel. Kahit na mukhang project talaga yung letter mo saken, at saming lahat, maraming salamat dun kasi wala akong letter sayo. De salamat sa lahat — sa iPad, sa laptop, sa camera. Hahaha isa ka sa mga kasangga ko sa panglalait sama ng ugali mo. Pero salamat hehe wag mo papabago mata mo tsaka bawas landi ha. Jk. :))

PaolaAhnakngteteng. Sayo talaga pinakamagandang letter nagawa ko, ikaw talaga pinakamamimiss ko sa Moseley. Tatawa nanaman yan. Salamat talaga sa lahat masyadong marami baka maging bias post ko sayo pinakamahaba.. tatawa nanaman yan. Ingat ka sa Elbi, iwasan mo mga wakwak gang dun. Gudlak din sa pasyente mo pero wag ka muna lumandi bata ka pa.

Arceleta. Salamat sa mga kalokohan pre kahit na minsan wala talagang kwenta mga jokes mo eh konti na lang numu-Neuda ka na eh. Dejoke tuloy mo lang yan malay mo maglevel-up tas hindi na lang ikaw yung tatawa next time. Hahaha mamimiss kita, ingat sa pag-uwi. Bawasan mo pag-inom mo ng San Mig Coffee ah.

Angel. Kahit na may bangs ka ngayon, salamat kasi ikaw ang takbuhan ng buong Moseley kapag may crisis sa pagbeburn at sa CD. Tuloy mo lang pagiging Maestro mo kahit may bangs ka na. Goodluck sa Ateneo mehn, kahit mali spelling ng pangalan mo sa results.. ayos lang may bangs ka naman.

Bokoji. Hahaha. Yan kagad unang naisip kong itype putek. Salamat sa mga kabalastugan pre kahit na mahilig ka sa hatdog tsaka wala kang kwenta kausap minsan. Pero minsan, tayo lang nagkakaintindihan kasi parehong kalokohan pinag-uusapan natin eh. Abutin mo pangarap mo wag puro DoTA hindi yan pambabae pero galing mo talaga magpiktyur eh kunin kitang potograper sa birthday ko this year. Mamimiss kita woohoo ikaw pinakamagaling na presidente palitan mo na si Noynoy!!

Jenny. Bawasan mo pagtili tsaka pagsigaw mo sa college. Baka makick-out ka kagad. :)) De ayos lang yan seatmate kita for 2 years, nakakasawa na nga eh. Salamat sa lahat tol kahit na parang hirap na hirap ka talaga hinaan volume ng boses mo. Bawas landi din ah. Gudlak haha.

TwainIsa rin to sa pinakamamimiss ko. Bait mong bata. Bata ka pa, wag ka muna masyado bumuhay pag-ibig jan. Salamat sa mga words of wisdom mo Chuwain, napapalapit talaga Moseley kay God dahil sayo. Salamat kasi kahit wala akong assignment sa AG, chinecheckan mo pa rin; ayos lang yan kasi minsan nagchecheck na pero ikaw gumagawa ka pa rin. Hahaha joke lang mamimiss talaga kita kahit na sobrang daldal mo minsan, tas ang conceited mo din eh tanong mo pa kay Bo. Haha gudlak sa College. :D

Erika. Wag ka masyadong papataba ah, diet diet din pag may time. De salamat pre, sa lahat since terdyir. Hehe. Isa ka talaga sa mga taong three days before deadline, may project na eh, puro colored pens pa. Tuloy mo yan, goodlak sa La Salle may ka-Eco buddy ka naman na eh anjan na si Patmae wooh. Nasabi ko naman na sa letter, wag dito wahehe mamimiss kita preee.

Glenn. Tatlong taon din! Pero hindi ka pumuti. Hindi ka rin tumangkad. Pero di kita lalaitin dito. Haha salamat Glenn ganda (sabi mo eh since first year). Galing mo magsayaw, tas kamukha mo labi ni Sooyoung. Labi lang naman wag ka pacute. Dejk goodluck pre!

Carol. Ayun na ngaaaaaa. *tono ni Carol* Isa ka pa, bawas landi sa college ah. Hindi yung bawat event, may picture ka kasama crush mo. Tsk bata bata pa eh. Salamat sa mga kakornihan at ka-ayun-na-nga-han. Pero isa ka rin sa mga kailangang mag-improve ng jokes, dapat kasi pinapantayan niyo mga kagandahan ng jokes ko. Twitter twitter na lang sa bakasyon. Magkikita pa tayo sa uste skulmeyt nayswuuun! :>

Alexa. Isa pang three years!! Kahit naman ganyan ka.. ganyan ka na talaga. Haha saludo ko sa kasipagan mo tsaka sa pasensya mong makinig sa lahat ng teacher kahit kami sawang-sawa na. Nakakatamad kaya. Salamat sa tatlong taon kahit na pinabili tayo ng TV nung sekondyir. Gudlak sa kolehiyo.

Jena. Eto talaga kapwa-Diyosa ko eh. Wag kayo kokontra. Conceited to the maximum level kami neto. Mamimiss kita kahit sandali lang talaga mga bonding natin sa Moseley. Isa ka rin sa mga dapat magbawas ng landi. Wag ka na rin masyadong manabunot. Pero salamat kasi isa ka sa mga sumusuporta sa jokes ko na tipong kahit sasabihin mong korni, grabe ka makatawa. Idol mo talaga ko. Hayaan mo Jena, matutuloy ang swimming bago mag April 15, chill ka lang. Gudlak mehn kitakits sa USTe skulmeyt!!

Maricris. Kahit naman kumakain ka lang lagi sa isang tabi tuwing homeroom, Finite, MAPEH, AG, Journ, P6, hanggang Adkem, ayos lang yan hindi mabubuo ang Masly kung walang Maricris. Journ buddy ka nga rin pala, wooh lagi tayo walang klase nung mga unang quarter haha. Anoraw, de gudlak sa college woo!

Oba. Sasali ka ba sa Diyosa club namin ni Jena? Sali ka na mehn. Salamat sa lahat pre. Mamimiss kita Obamama kahit na sa loob ng 200 days, lagpas 200 na yung palitan natin ng mura. Ayos lang yan, yun ang tanda ng pagmamahalan natin. Pag nagkita tayo years from now, kakantahan kita Migraine tsaka Since U Been Gone. Tuloy mo lang yung Project Starmaker mo, baka madiskober ka. Bawas landi rin ha. I-push na yang swimming na yan!!

Jossel. Young pork tocinooo. Sa loob ng dalawang daang araw, ilang beses ka pumila sa Canteen? Hay nako naman. Pero salamat sa lahat isa ka rin sa mga kasangga ko sa panglalait sa kung sino-sino. Bad Influence ka talaga. Pero kahit hindi mo susundin si Bro., ayos lang yan alam ko namang maganda pa rin future mo kahit hindi ka mag-EAC. Wag lang magloloko tiyan mo, tsaka bawasan mo pagkacut lalo na ng Chem at Physics. Masaya mag-aral, mehn, pramis. Mamimiss kita woohoo teks teks na lang.

Abby. Wag ka muna matulog.. basahin mo muna ‘to. Binigyan na kita ng letter para san pa ba to. =)) De mehn kung ako sayo, pumunta ka na ng USTe bukas na bukas din ng may USTe buddy naman ako sa Accountancy. Salamat sa pagsama saken kung saan saan kahit madalas tinutulugan mo talaga ko eh. Wag ka na bitter sa nuclide ah, masama yan. Move on move on din. Mamimiss kita kahit na kumakain ka lang ng mangga kahapon habang kami nag-iiyakan. Labyu pre.

Patmae. @fatmeys hehehe. Eto talaga Journ buddy talaga to hayop sa lahat ng subjects mula Finite hanggang Chem. Haynako. Salamat sa lahat pre, basta lagi mo favorite tweets ko, favorite ko na lang din yung sayo. Ayos lang kahit sumali na si Rachel sa Twitter club natin. Haha mamimiss kita, kausapin ko na lang si Semsemi, este Simsimi pag namimiss kita. HAHAHA.

Poli. Anak ‘to ni Ma’am Natino eh. Next ka kay Maricris sa pinakamasipag magbasa ng teksto. Talaga nga naman. Eto yung taong tatawanan lang ako pag may inaasar ako hahaha salamat sa lahat Poli kahit na madalas puro kalokohan lang din alam mo sa buhay haha. Gudlak sa college pre.

Joybel. Kahit na hindi mo gets yung jokes namin, once in a blue moon lang talaga eh, ayos na yun masaya naman kasi pinagtitripan ka eh. Hahaha ikaw ata pinaka-aping-api kila Pibo. Grabe. Salamat Joybeeeell sa lahat huhu. Ingat ka jan sa Bahrain at sa US (daw) ngayong bakasyon. Gudlak sa MAPUA, kasama mo si Karl eh. Layuan mo yun. Sakit ng likod ko.. masaheeeeeeee. :))

Soriano. Magpabrace ka sa college pre. Hahaha de joke lang. Salamat sa lahat dalawang taon nga pala tayong naging magkaklase. Sama-sama tayo nila Mimay at Ramiloski. Euclid Moseley. Wooh. Haha gudlak sa college mehn.

Chichay. Ay kasama ka rin pala sa Euclid Moseley. Wooh. Isa ka talaga sa pinakamaangas magsayaw eh, parang kelan lang.. JabbaEuclid. Huhu. Salamat mehn sa lahaaat. Gudlak sa college. :>

Natapos din!! Haha. Hoy Moseleyyy. Nung una talaga nagdadalawang isip ako senyo eh, kasi magsisimula na yung taon pero hindi pa rin kayo nagpopost sa group. Tapos yung ibang Calvin sabi ng sabi na ang ingay na raw sa group nila. Nakakainggit kaya. Kaya sobrang natakot ako kasi baka di ko kayo matripan. Haha pero sa simula lang pala talaga yung first impressions. As time flies, habang tumatagal yung pagsasama natin sa mga classrooms, habang tumatagal yung pagsasabay-sabay nating maglunch, habang tumatagal yung pag-uwi natin ng alas siyete ng gabi, habang dumadami ang mga issue, habang dumadami ang mga kaaway, habang dumadami ang mga panalo, lalo ko kayong naenjoy. Lalo akong naattached senyo. Weakness ko ngang maattached sa tao, mahirap kasi mag-let go eh. Parang pag-ibig. Chosera. (Ayoko ng seryoso guys sorry kung may segues hehe). Parang dati lang, ayaw na ayaw nating umuwi ng alas siyete, pero sabi ko nga kila Abby kahapon, alas siyete kami umuuwi kahit anong mangyari. Wala eh nasanay na. Nasanay na tayong labing dalawang-oras tayong magkakasama. Nasanay na tayong labing dalawang-oras tayong naglolokohan. Nasanay na tayong labing dalawang-oras tayong nagpapakornihan ng jokes.

Habang binabalikan ko yung mga experiences ko since first year, narerealize kong Moseley yung pinakamamimiss ko sa MaSci. Yie kilegz. Moseley pinakafavorite ko sa apat na sections ko eh. Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit. Kung tutuusin, we lack cooperation, we lack bondings. Puro cramming tayo. Tipong bukas ang contest, ngayon magpapractice. Or bukas ng umaga. Ice ba yun? Bondings, bihira tayo gumala ng marami. Dalawang gala lang yung halos bente yung sumama. Di rin tayo sabay-sabay maglunch. Pero ewan. May something sa Moseley na never kong nakita sa mga dati kong section. Labo nga eh. Pero ganon ata talaga. Hindi mo alam kung ano talaga yung exact na gusto mo sa isang bagay, or tao. Parang pag-ibig.

Haha ang hirap magpakaseryoso pag kayo kausap. Azar. Andami kong gustong sabihin. Pero ‘My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations’, ayon kay John Green. Natakot din ako senyo dati, feeling ko hindi ako makakagraduate kasi kayo mga kaklase ko. Puro kalokohan. Puro kagaguhan. Puro kabalastugan. Ilang beses ba tayong muntik maoffice? Ilang beses ba tayong na-office? Unknown? Infinite? Kaya pala Infinite Moseley. Korni. Feeling ko madadamay ako sa bawat kalokohang gagawin niyo eh. Pero yung mga kasong yun? Yung mga kalokohang yun? Hindi natin matatagong isa yun sa mga dahilan kung bakit tayo ganito ngayon. Kung bakit ganito yung dikit natin sa isa’t isa ngayon. Kung bakit hirap tayong iwanan isa’t isa ngayon. Isa yon sa mga pundasyon (hay0f) ng pagsasama’t pagkakaibigan natin. Oo, may record tayo, pero ayos lang nakagraduate naman tayo nang matiwasay. Jk, ayos lang kasi kung wala yung mga yon, feeling ko kung ano yung pagsasama natin ngayon, hindi ganito yun.

Isa pang gusto ko senyo? Kayo yie. De, ang lapit natin sa mga teachers. Sipsip. Haha, hinde eh. Hindi naman tayo magaling, or magaling talaga tayo? Pero sobrang lapit natin sa kanila. Sila na mismo nagsasabing favorite nila tayo kahit sinasabi nilang wala silang favoritism. Labo. Ma’am San Jose, Ma’am Ramirez & Sir Balagtas, Ma’am Correa, Sir Sarmiento, at lahat lahat na pati student teachers. Kahit gano karami yung kaso natin at sobrang gulo natin, akalain mong magugustuhan nila tayo. Tatlong demo mamehn, akalain niyo yun. Tayo rin yung laging nauuna sa mga lesson. Baka magaling talaga tayo? Supernova nga diba?

7-7 na sched? Sinong may gusto niyan? Wala. Kahit tayo hindi ginusto yan. Pero binigay saten. Tayo lang may ganyan. Supernova talaga. May reason yan. Kahit na bihira tayo gumala, or kung saan saan pa, yung bonding natin nagsisimula yun mula 7 ng umaga hanggang 7 ng gabi. Kahit na nagcucutting ang karamihan, ayos lang yan. Parte na ng araw-araw nating gawain yan. Sobrang daming vacant. Bihira pa magklase. Para ngang hindi tayo nag-aaral eh. Pumapasok tayo para maglaro, mangtrip, kumain, o matulog. Nakakasawa yung lagi tayong nakatunganga sa ilalim ng puno ng mangga sa quad, pero aminin nating lahat na mamimiss natin yon. Pwede pang mangyari yon, pero ang tanong, tayo-tayo pa rin ba ang magkakasama?

Contests. Ilang contests ang sinalihan natin at hindi tayo sumuko? Karamihan. Chos. Mula Jingle noong Nutrition Month hanggang warm-up exercise noong practice ng Graduation, hindi tayo sumuko. Lahat ng ginagawa natin, best natin yon. At ginagawa natin yon, hindi para manalo, kundi mag-enjoy. Maraming hanga saten, ang sarap sa feeling, at yun yung mga motivation natin. Na mapatunayang may laban tayo, habang nag-eenjoy, habang kinram lang yung practice, habang hindi naman talaga tayo ang nananalo. Kahit umaga lang tayo ng mismong contest nagpapractice, maganda pa rin kinakalabasan. Kahit magkandatanggal-tanggal ang tonsil at ngalangala at buong bibig ni Jaybelle sa kakasigaw, nagagawa pa rin natin ng maayos. Ang saya. Kahit hindi tayo nananalo, we’re always satisfied sa ginagawa natin. Speech Choir? Ilang oras ba nating pinractice yun? Ilang beses bang nagkabadtripan ang karamihan bago tayo makarating sa punto na ‘tapos na’ ang practice? Marami. Sobrang dami. Hindi tayo nanalo, pero in the end, masaya pa rin tayo. Sa feedbacks, na maganda yung gawa natin. Sa comments, na sana tayo raw nanalo. Sa satisfaction, na maganda yung ginawa natin. Sa bonding, na naenjoy natin yon. Carol Fest? Isa tayo sa mga section na unang nagpractice. Ang tindi natin. 1 day, three pages ang natapos. Pero yung three pages, tinuloy-tuloy ng practice for 3 days. Cinram yung mga natirang pages, pati polishing. Ilang oras nalang bago yung contest proper, nagsisigawan pa rin tayo. Pati costume, kinram natin. Ang sarap sa feeling manalo. Pero mas masaya nga yung feeling natin nung natapos natin yung kanta. Sobrang saya na halos magtatatalon tayo sa labas ng homeroom at magyakapan at bumili ng ice cream para icelebrate. Dun pa lang masaya na tayo. Yung feeling na nanalo, that’s something more. Finals, hindi tayo nanalo. Pero ayos lang kasi maganda ang costume natin at hindi nasayang ang pera. Pag gumala tayo, yan ang isuot niyo.

Pero isa sa mga favorite ko? Ang lapit natin kay God. Walang contest yung bago tayo sumalang hindi tayo nagdasal. Hindi tayo humingi ng tulong sakanya. Kahit pa paulit-ulit lang yung pattern ng dasal ni Ian, ayos lang yun. Yung bago mag eliminations, ayun talaga eh. Yung sinabi nung Pastor or Brother (?), yung guide niya saten, at yung dasal, that’s something. Isa yun sa mga nakatulong para pumasok tayo sa finals. Binigyan niya pa tayo ng 500. Iba talaga tayo, guys.

Ano pa ba.. alam ko na kung ano kulang saten. Adviser. Suporta. Pero napatunayan natin na kaya nating itaguyod yung section, kaya nating mapasaya yung section, kaya nating maenjoy ang buong school year, kahit hindi tayo gaanong sinusuportahan. Tulong-tulong tayo eh. Buti na lang nauso ang kakornihan saten.

May nakalimutan pa ba ko? Goal kong mapaiyak kayo. Feeling ko hindi ko nagawa. Di ako marunong magsulat. Hindi seryoso lagi. Pero atleast nasabi ko (sana) yung gusto kong sabihin. Truth be told, masaya akong nakilala ko kayo. Masaya akong naging mga kaklase ko kayo. Masaya akong naging mga kaibigan ko kayo. At masaya akong naging parte kayo ng buhay ko. Malaki part niyo dun. Mga XL ganon. Tumawa kayo please pinag-isipan ko yun. Huhu hanggang dito ba naman sa post ko may mga ganyan pa rin. :( Haha. Hindi ko masabi lahat eh gusto ko nga kayong murahin isa-isa kasi sobra ko kayong mamimiss. Sobrang attached ko na nasanay akong kayo kasama ko lagi. Ilang taon ang dadaan na hindi kayo ang mga makakasama ko. Bihira na lang. Mini reunions, foundation days, carol fests, at iba pang event na pwede tayong magsama-sama.

Hindi ko alam kung pano ang buhay college. Hindi lang kasi ‘to basta basta iiwan mo ang high school, start a new life. Imposible talaga eh. Hindi rin tayo nasa iisang school katulad ng mga nakaraang taon na madalas pa ring magkikita. What makes it more difficult eh yung thought na, hindi na tayo yung magkakasama sa June. Hindi na tayo yung magkakasama sa iisang classroom. Hindi na tayo yung magsisigawan. Hindi na tayo yung magpapakornihan. Hindi na tayo yung magsasama-samang maglunch. Hindi na tayo yung magkokopyahan (joke). Hindi na tayo yung kasama ng bawat isa sa atin. In short, hindi na tulad ng dati.

Sa sobrang attached ko senyo, hindi ko alam kung anong gagawin ko. Hindi ko maimagine yung buhay ko sa USTe nang walang Pibong sobrang maka-hoyy at grabehan ang jokes. Hindi ko maimagine yung buhay ko sa USTe nang walang Karl at Oba na mura ng mura sa bawat minuto ng buhay nila. Hindi ko maimagine yung buhay ko sa USTe nang walang ‘ayun na nga’ ni Carol, ‘nayswun’ ni Patmae, ‘gwaveh’ ni Mimay, at iba pang remarkable words/lines ng bawat isa. Hindi ko maimagine yung buhay ko sa USTe nang walang nakakalokong usapan kasama yung Hanumen, na parang kami lang nagkakaintindihan minsan tas wala ng sense. Hindi ko maimagine yung buhay ko sa USTe nang hindi na Jeepney buddies yung kasabay kong umuwi. Wala na kong madagdag.. Wala, hindi ko maimagine na hindi kayo yung kasama kong maglunch, sumigaw sa mga teachers, sumagot ng tests, hingan ng papel, hiraman ng bolpen, kadaldalan, kalokohan, sasabihan ng joke na tititigan niyo lang ako kasi it’s either di niyo gets or korni, at marami pang iba.

Naaasar ako pramis. Kahapon pa kayo ah. Mahirap umiyak sa tapat ng monitor, masakit sa mata. Maraming aalis saten, yung iba sa ibang lugar na mag-aaral, yung iba kung saan saan lang, yung iba di na mag-aaral (ehem Ian haha), pero kahit ganon pa man, sana hindi mawala yung pinagsamahan natin. 200 days. Siguro hindi lahat tayo nagustuhan ang isa’t isa, hindi rin lahat tayo nafifeel yung happiness at sadness na nararamdaman ko ngayon. Pero sana years from now, walang magbago. Imposible medyo, kasi nga things change, and friends leave and life doesn’t stop for anybody. Pero pwede pa rin naman. Sana yung tipong may gala, kahit papano. Kahit paonti-onti lang.

Mamimiss ko kayong lahat gwaveh. As in. Hiwa-hiwalay na ng school eh. Ilan lang kame sa USTe, may mga mag-La Salle, UP, Ateneo, at iba pa. Layo-layo na amf. Pero ayos lang yan. Hindi naman pwedeng sama-sama tayo hanggang sa huli. Imposible naman yun. Haha darating at darating din yung time na maghihiwalay na tayo. That’s real world, you guys. Sa ngayon, napaaga lang yung parting, pero hindi naman porket nagpart, part na talaga. Party party. De huhu. Haha. Korni ko. Hirap magseryoso eh. Haha pero seryoso ko sa mga sinabi ko. Sa Moseley ko nakita yung pamilya sa kaibigan. Posible pala talaga yun. Yung tipo ng kaibigan na mahirap talaga iwanan. Sa inyo lang eh. Pero dumating na yung time na dati inaasam-asam natin, dati gustong gusto na nating mangyari dahil sa pressure at stress. Eto na oh. Ironic, kasi kung kelang anjan na, tsaka natin tinataboy. Parang pag-ibig. Chos.

Salamat guys. Sa lahat lahat lahat lahat lahat. Masyadong hahaba pa lalo ‘tong post na ‘to kung iisa-isahin ko yung mga bagay na gusto ko kayong pasalamatan. Alam niyo na yung ‘lahat lahat lahat lahat lahat’ na yon. At nagpapasalamat ako don. Mula sa mga simpleng pagsasama sa klase hanggang sa hindi matapos tapos na film sa Huma papunta sa pinakahuling araw.. salamat. Lahat ng yon, 200 days, or more, memories yon. Memories na karapat-dapat alalahanin everytime na mamimiss ko kayo. Thank you. This is not the end yet. Kumbaga, natapos lang yung part natin sa buhay ng isa’t isa. Just like in books, babalik pa tayo, may plot twists syempre. Lahat tayo, gagawa ng bagong libro, sequel ng high school life. Magkakaron ng bagong characters, mawawala yung dati, panandalian. Pero may plot twists, at babalik kayo don, at dapat kayong bumalik. No goodbyes. Bawal yon. Kasi there’s no such thing as ‘good’ in goodbyes. Ano ba, kelan ba naging masaya ang paghihiwalay.

Ito na ang ating huling sandali, hindi na tayo magkakamali. Kasi wala ng bukas, sulitin natin ito na ang wakas. Kailangan na yata nating umuwi.

Wala, relevant sa kagabi. Ang hirap niyo iwan. Ang hirap umalis. Siguro kung may fifth year sa MaSci, ganito pa rin yung feels eh. Mas mabigat lang siguro talaga ngayon, kasi mismong MaSci na yung iiwan. Sumakto pang kayo yung last section ko. Di ko alam kung matutuwa ako kasi for the last time, satisfied ako sa section ko; o maiinis kasi dahil sa sobrang satisfaction, hirap na hirap magpaalam. Madali lang daw magbabye, B-A-B-A-Y lang daw, sabi ni Yeng. Pero parang hindi naman. Minsan, yung iba jan nagsisisi.. “sana pala since June sa Moseley na ko sumama.” Wala yon, normal yon. Part of adjustment. Atleast, kahit papano, sa last days, naenjoy niyo. Naenjoy natin.

Gusto kong ibackread yung group natin kaso you know me, tamad ako. Pero di na kailangan. Pag namiss ko kayo, babasahin ko ‘tong post na ‘to. Pag nakalimutan ko kayo, babasahin ko ‘tong post na ‘to, pero baka di ko maalala kasi nakalimutan ko kayo. Kayo din ha. Pero imposibleng makalimutan ko kayo. Lakas niyo saken eh. Sana as the description on our yearbook says.. infinite moseley.. sana infinite din yung pagsasama natin. Siguro sasabihin niyo, ‘pucha, nothing lasts forever’. Edi let’s be nothing. Parang pag-ibig. Chos. Kaya yan, tayo pa. Nagawa nga natin yung pentatonix version ng Carol of the Bells eh, yan pa kaya.

Guys, alam kong sobrang haba nito pero seriously, hindi ako satisfied sa post ko eh. Gustong gusto kong habaan pero magmumukhang libro. Sana kahit ganito ‘to, nakuha niyo yung gusto kong sabihin. Sana kahit paligoy-ligoy, nalaman niyo yung gusto kong iparating. Gustong-gusto ko pa talagang dagdagan, I’m serious. Pero baka mapagod kayo. Kung hindi niyo ‘to nabasa (kasi nadagdag ko lang ‘to), ayos lang. Pero sana mabasa niyo ren hehe. Thank you guys sobra sobra. Sana more galas to come. I-push yang swimming na yan ha. Kahit di na tayo magkakasama, simpleng gala lang oh. Time lang kailangan natin sa isa’t isa. Wag niyo sayangin mga luha niyo para lang sa wala. Dapat nga hindi niyo iniiyakan ‘tong post na ‘to eh. Haha. Basta, g a l a. Ayun lang.

Last paragraph na ‘to.. sana. Haha. Thank you ulit. Sana sa susunod na magkita-kita tayo (hindi sa April 1 at sa swimming ha), andon pa rin yung bond. Ionic man, o covalent, andon pa rin sana. Sana hindi na puro.. “naaalala mo pa ba yung ganito ganyan” Sana may mga kwentuhan, yung tipong ordinaryong araw lang para saten, parang vacant, parang lunch, parang simpleng daldalan. Ang haba na masyado nito. Words are never enough naman kahit anong gawin ko. Kung nakaabot kang basahin ‘to, salamat ha. Pinagtiyagaan mo eh wala namang kwenta to. Drama ba? Hindi nga seryoso yung iba eh puro kakornihan. Pero seryoso guys, malaki part niyo sa buhay ko, sa puso ko yikiee. At hindi magbabago yun. Tenkyu. Kita-kita na lang kung kelan man. Salamat ulit. Good luck sa college.

BRB muna tayo. :)

Haha mahal ko kayo yikieeeeee :-)

P.S., pakinggan niyo ‘to lagi. Favorite song ko ‘to at sa AlPa ko pa lang nasheshare. Kayo second yikiee. Yung link ha :D I love you muah muah tsup tsup!!!

Huling Sayaw (Last Dance)

I solemnly swear this was the best night of my high school life!! Seriously, I don’t regret attending this event.




They called it Send-off Party for Batch 2013, but we called it simply.. party. Ayaw naming masent-off na lang basta-basta duh. Anyway, I swear to God that this Graduation Ball turned to something like comedy bar. The presidents, anyway gave their own messages to the whole senior body and to their respective sections for the past 4 years. And some videos for the sections were presented.

092The three amazing emcees of the night

pagePresidents giving their messages (Townes, Roentgen, Moseley)


Dinners are always the best part of such events and seriously this year’s Graduation Ball got the best catering ever!! Josiah’s Catering everyone hehe. But seriously, thank you PTA for the amazing food that really really made every senior’s night!

134 135

After the dinner, we were given a chance to enjoy the dance floor or to take pictures with friends for a few minutes and this was the result…

page312 shades of happiness love you guys

page4Moseley invades my camera part 1

Next part was the games part. The first game was there would be a pixelated photo shown on the white screen and we need to guess who or what’s in the picture. The second game was when Mc’s going to imitate some teachers, and we need (ofcourse) to guess who the teacher is. The third was the trivias. And the last one was the pageant. Best part of the games, indeed. The question and answer portion was totally.. joketime.

After that was one of the most awaited part.. the bands!! The first band was Kalapoy and they sang Beer of Itchyworms. The second was Baconstrips who sang Moonstar88’s Migraine, Yeng’s Time In and Paramore’s My Heart. Third band was Safety Pin who sang songs that I really forgot already.



page7Safety Pin

And…. party started..

page10Moseley invades my camera part 2

After the short party haha, Cream J played for a while with four songs — Kamikazee’s Halik, Join The Club’s Nobela, Kamikazee’s Hanggang Tingin and Paramore’s Crushcrushcrush.

page8Cream J — the whole senior body will definitely miss this band

374 392 394These are the times when I’m thinking, “kelan kaya ako makakagawa ng maayos na light paint pictures tuwing party”

504Last dance

Thank you to everyone. To every body that is a part of the senior body. To God for making this event possible. To the PTA, for the amazing venue, amazing foods, amazing sounds, amazing dance floor. To the presidents for the amazing program. To the three masters of the ceremony. To AlPa, though the time is limited, we still got to enjoy it; hence, thank you guys love you. To Moseley, thank you for spending the night with me guys hihi I’ll definitely miss you all :-)

This event was our last event as MaScians (I mean, before we officially leave and got our cards) and I am really really sure that everyone among the batch enjoyed the night. At least for the last time, we made our stay worthwhile. Despite the tears, this was really one heck of a night. But let’s talk about the real thing here. We’re all happy because of the whole party that turned out really really great! But the thing is, we’re really sad. Really sad. Last night, last party, last event. Who wouldn’t be sad? I know some of us guys cried that night, it’s alright, part yan ng goodbyes. But I hope that despite of the goodbyes and tears and sadness, we enjoyed our last party as high schools. Actually alumni na nga eh. Anyway, nevermind na yun. :)

Again, thank you to everyone who made my night hihi I love you guys :-)

The Golden Commencement Exercises


It’s been three days since the we-were-declared-as-graduates day, and I haven’t post anything here yet because I really really don’t know how to start such post. Difficult. Anyway, it was last March 21, Thursday at Manila Science High School’s Amadome. The whole event was successful though we got to practice everything (songs, march, etc.) for six days. But the thing is, if you would really see all the seniors that day, everyone was sad.


Sir Bonifacio’s work of art

Di ko na ikkwento yung program, you know those things already. Gusto ko ikwento yung naramdaman ko, at alam kong naramdaman ng lahat.  Yung emotion ng event? Late na nagstart eh. Not when they declared us graduates. Not when we got our diploma. Not when we were officially declared as alumni. It was when the ‘concert’ of the seniors started. Alma Mater song, MPPM Hymn, NCR Hymn, Awit ng Maynila, and the Recession song Thank You Once Again.

Sabi ko pa kila Erika, bago magstart kumanta, unang umiyak manlilibre kinabukasan. Pero sumuko ako. Sobrang nadala ‘ko ng emotions. Ewan ko. Ang babaw ba? Hindi eh. It’s high school. That’s high school. High school yung iiwanan namin. Well, it’s not just an ordinary high school. It’s MaSci. Kaya mas mahirap. Mas nakakalungkot. MPPM Hymn palang, sumuko na luha ko.

Sa sobrang lungkot, minsan marerealize kong di na ko kumakanta sa harmony ng Alto. Melody na lang. Tapos biglang may bubulong saken somewhere out there, ‘kumanta ka with feelings, last mo na yan!’ Last na nga pala. Lahat ng hymns na yon, hindi na namin makakanta every morning. Hindi na uso ang flag cem, hindi na uso yung mga yon sa college.

Ang sarap sa feeling na lahat ng kaibigan mo, kahit hindi mo gaanong nakakausap through out your high school life, nayakap mo. That’s sad. Pero at least, for the last time, nagawa mo yun. Siguro maraming may regrets, hindi nila ginawa yon ever since. Pero ayos lang yan, sana ginawa mo sa araw na ‘to. Ang saya eh. Lahat kayo umiiyak, niyayakap isa’t isa. Iba yung feeling. Makikita mong lahat ayaw iwanan isa’t isa. Ang saya not in a mean way, but in a… i-don’t-know way. Ewan. Yung nakakarefresh? Nakaka-overwhelmed. Diba. Yung tipong alam mong hindi lang ikaw ang makakamiss ng high school, kundi kayong lahat.

Isa ‘to sa mga di ko malilimutan sa MaSci. Aside from the fact na graduation to, eto yung nagparealize sa’kin na I should’ve enjoyed MaSci more. Pero other than that, no regrets naman. What-ifs lang. Pero hindi na dapat isipin yon. We’ve reached this point already. Siguro, hindi natin to makakamit kung mangyayari yung mga nasa what-ifs natin.

Let’s all be thankful guys. Finally, nakarating na tayo sa matagal na nating hinihintay. Remember how we were wishing to graduate already when we were freshmen. Pero nung ilang araw na lang, gusto nating lahat na patigilin ang oras. Pero let’s face the truth. The real life. The real world. Goodbyes are inevitable, but let this day serve not as a goodbye but as an end of a book which has another book soon. Ansaveh. Darating at darating tayo sa puntong ‘to. Kahit patigilin pa natin ‘tong oras, kahit pabagalin pa natin ang panahon, darating at darating ‘tong araw na ‘to. Yung araw na kung saan iiwanan natin yung high school. Pero sana, high school lang ang iiwanan natin. Hindi ang isa’t isa, hindi ang MaSci. Ironic nga eh, dapat during these times, masaya ang graduates, pero in MaSci, lahat tayo malungkot. Siguro it’s a MaScian thing others won’t understand. Ayan na, alumni na tayo. Magkikita-kita na lang tuwing may debuts, tuwing foundation day at kung ano ano pang event sa MaSci, at sa mga mini reunions. Sana hindi mawala yung pinagsamahan. Sana tuloy-tuloy pa rin. Kahit sabihin nilang tapos na ang high school, sana hindi tapos ang mga pagkakaibigan natin.

042 043

Thank you GOLDEN 13ATCH! Thank you MaSci!

Think & Reflect

Yesterday, March 8, we had our Recollection. It was my first time to experience such overwhelming moment.

Days before the said event, I promised myself not to cry. Despite the ‘you-can’t-control-your-tears’ stories during the recollection, I still promised myself. Up until yesterday, I kept on saying that I would not cry. But yes, as the saying goes, promises are meant to be broken.

The Recollection started around 8 AM. We had a reading of liturgy and some prayers. And our first recollection master, Bro. Rolan, started telling the different things we need to realize. I really can’t remember everything that he discussed, but everything involves God, family, and friends. The session was fun. It is somehow.. nakakatama. Because everything he said suits our own lives. He showed us a film of a guy (I forgot his name) who has no arms and legs — I think you guys saw him on facebook — and how he goes on in his life. The film made me teary-eyed; I realized that I have more than he has and yet I keep on complaining. I was like “how dare me?” Throughout the session, he was usually joking but at the end, everything he said is real.

Our next recollection master was Bro. Ruel. The creepiest person I’ve ever met. He’s a mind-reader, he can tell the story of your life by just looking at your eyes, he can see a glimpse of your future, and he sees.. dead people. Lol. Anyway, that’s real. It was creepy when he introduced himself. That he said that he knew some of us didn’t surrender our cellphones. And it was obvious that everyone was scared. And he said that he would call us one by one and would tell the dirtiest secrets of our lives in front of the whole batch!! And he suddenly realized that everyone needs to go to the comfort room (I think he read everyone’s mind that time), and gave us a 3-minute break. After that, he said he’d start, and called one of my batchmates, but eventually said that she’ll just lead the prayer. We’re trolled.

So we had our lunch break. After that, he showed us a film about possession. He told us that the devil keeps on hypnotizing us by doing wrong actions, because that’s the only way the devil can hurt God.

He told us the story of his life, about his bestfriends and the parents of his bestfriends. And that was when everyone’s tear started to fall.

He told us to write a letter to someone we want to say sorry to, someone we want to forgive, and to God. When I was writing my own letter, the only thing I could hear are the breaths of my batchmates (we couldn’t breath properly due to crying okay). It feels good to cry, it feels good to reflect. And it feels better when you know that you are not alone. I was with my batchmates, most of us are crying. Yes, even the boys, even the tough ones. It actually felt good seeing some of the boys cry, that though they are tough, they are jokers, they still have this soft side. I realized that MaScians are really weak when it comes to family.. and God.

After that we sang a song again. And we watched a short film again.. showing us the sacrifice of Jesus. I thought I was not going to cry again, but seeing Jesus’ pain (though it’s from a movie that I already saw), I just cried. And Bro. Rolan told us to close our eyes and bow our heads and feel the presence of the Lord. He said so many things that you could hear everyone’s hagulgol. Yes, everyone couldn’t help it but to cry because of everything Bro. said. He told us about our fathers and how we misses them so much because we’ve already grown up. He told us about our mothers and how close we were to them before. He told us about our siblings and how they happened to be our playmates before, but now we just ignore each other. He told us about God, how He is there always, how He really wants to hug us but we always run from Him. He told us to give God the chance to hug us, because this time, we won’t run anymore.

That time, I thanked Him. For everything he has done for me. For that day. For everyday. And said sorry. For all my shortcomings. For I only realized everything that late.

It feels good to cry. It feels good to reflect. It feels good to think. My last real cry was really long time ago and finally, I got the chance. My tears fell because I realized everything. Ang dami ko palang pagkukulang. And late ko nang narealize.

Before the mass, we got the chance to talk to Bro. Ruel. I told him that I am really confused of where I am going to go on college. He asked me what course, and I said accountancy. And I asked him if accountancy is really for me, and he answered without hesitations but with a smile, “Yes.” I couldn’t help but to feel happy. It feels great to know that what you want is the one for you. And he asked me if I have a boyfriend, and I answered that I don’t. I confessed my secret (well), and what he said is.. “Eto lang sasabihin ko sayo, yung mapapangasawa mo, kilala mo na eh.” He said that, again, with a smile. Until now, it bothers me.

Over-all the recollection was the greatest day I had in my life!! Seriously, until today, I keep on recalling everything that happened. I like it. I want another one. MaSci, you should have given us a retreat instead. But I’m still thankful for such experience. At least, before I stepped out of my high school life, I got to be this close to God. Thank you, MaSci. Thank you, Bro. Ruel and Bro. Rolan. Thank you, Lord.

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

1 John 4:8

Movie Stars Cafe

So last night, when I got home from MoA because of Moseley’s gala, my sister said that we’ll have dinner in Movie Stars Cafe (which is at MoA – beside Hooters). So without having a proper rest after a long ride home, we went to MoA by 9:30 PM something.

It was actually my first time here, and I could totally say that it’s the most amazing and enjoying restaurant I’ve ever been to.

_DSC5028The restaurant has these service crews that are dressed like different movie characters, and these service crews have their times performing in the stage.




_DSC5161darth vader feat. clone troopers


Moreover, the food is great. They have this buffet table that has really lots of foods that will tempt you to just go and get everything! But the tenderloin steak is the best!




_DSC5092movie posters and pictures of hollywood stars with signaturess

_DSC5069is this a dragon or what above the buffet table

_DSC5073iron man



_DSC5133batman and joker

_DSC5075the amazing door of the comfort room weepee zombies