Paskuhan 2013

My first Paskuhan experience was definitely a blast and I will never ever forget this.

University of Santo Tomas’ Paskuhan 2013: “Pasko sa Puso ko” happened last Friday, December 20, 2013.  I’ve always wanted to go to UST’s Annual Paskuhan, and last Friday was when this dream came true. This year’s Paskuhan might be simple — only a one-day celebration, no fireworks, no bongga-as-the-previous-years Christmas lights, and only a  few bands — but the simpleness of such great event will never be a hindrance for Thomasians to feel the Christmas spirit. Hours before the said happening, rain poured really hard which might have caused the postponement of the event, but then again, everything would not be an obstacle to a great Paskuhan experience of every Thomasian.

What made this year’s Paskuhan? The bands, indeed. Maybe some people would not appreciate such thing but me, as a big fangirl of bands, would definitely enjoy every little bit of the Paskuhan concert.

205 211

Teng brothers!

240 233

Jimmy Bondoc

252 262 264 - Copy

Never The Strangers

268 275 287 288 - Copy 299 305 - Copy

Rico “Fiesto Bandido” Blanco

It was my first time to watch Rico Blanco perform live, and may I just say that he is definitely the epitome of a performer. His first song was Antukin (which by the way is my favorite among all of his songs) and I sang my lungs heart stomach and everything-else-internal out all throughout the song. I swear I felt like I gave so much energy on one song I cannot with the Umaaraw, Umuulan anymore. But anyway, I made it until Elesi though; and it was just sad he didn’t play Your Universe and Yugto. Moreover, my cyber bestfriend was totally the highlight of my first Paskuhan (add the fact that he said “I love you” to me on Twitter tho). Rico freaking Blanco was just amazing and I will never (ever) forget this first time I saw him live. 


 Gab Chee Kee

375 382

Darius Semaña

390 391 398

Buhawi Meneses

348 - Copy 403 - Copy

Chito Miranda


Parokya Ni Edgar

I was expecting them to perform last, and when Rico was done performing, I thought I could get a little rest before Parokya. But I was wrong, really, really, really wrong. I wasn’t ready. HAHA. But of course, it’s Parokya Ni Edgar that’s why I need to give so much energy (with or without rest). Six songs were not enough for a band like this, sobrang nakakabitin. But I am still thankful that on my first Paskuhan, my favorite band was there! That was my fourth time to see them live, btw, and I swear, I will never ever get tired of seeing them face-to-face.

This was just heartbreaking though:

387 - Copy

 Huuuu, I should’ve stepped on the monoblock chair so Chito could’ve noticed me. Damn, regrets.

Anyway, I will forever love this man and his band. Walang iwanan sa Parokya. ♥

365 369

 It was obvious that they were the main act. After them, most of the audience went out of the venue already. But I want to enjoy this first Paskuhan experience so I stayed until 1 AM.

419 417


427 428

Isa Fabregas



444 451 458

 Joyce Pring so freaking beautiful aaaah my heart

476 485


493 501

 Join The Club

I was expecting fireworks that’s why I waited until 1 AM but there was nothing out there. It broke my heart. chausse. But with or without fireworks, my first Paskuhan experience was an explosion. (what) It was a blast!! Again, it might be simple, but the way I felt the Thomasian Christmas spirit.. it was the greatest Christmas spirit I’ve ever felt!

177 179

“True love will always be greater than first love.” I love you, UST. ♥

More photos here :)


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