Movie Stars Cafe

So last night, when I got home from MoA because of Moseley’s gala, my sister said that we’ll have dinner in Movie Stars Cafe (which is at MoA – beside Hooters). So without having a proper rest after a long ride home, we went to MoA by 9:30 PM something.

It was actually my first time here, and I could totally say that it’s the most amazing and enjoying restaurant I’ve ever been to.

_DSC5028The restaurant has these service crews that are dressed like different movie characters, and these service crews have their times performing in the stage.




_DSC5161darth vader feat. clone troopers


Moreover, the food is great. They have this buffet table that has really lots of foods that will tempt you to just go and get everything! But the tenderloin steak is the best!




_DSC5092movie posters and pictures of hollywood stars with signaturess

_DSC5069is this a dragon or what above the buffet table

_DSC5073iron man



_DSC5133batman and joker

_DSC5075the amazing door of the comfort room weepee zombies


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