Vans Summer Music Jam

Last Saturday, May 11, the very first Vans Summer Music Jam happened at MoA Arena. I only got lowerbox tickets that day (thanks to Jessa and Merielle [someone I knew from Twitter]), the two were free, and I got the third ticket for 400 pesos. Hehe, thank you again guys :) Anyway, I was with my sister and cousin that day. We arrived at MoA Arena by 5:30, and the show started by 8:30 (wow). The line-up was composed of Save Me Hollywood, Moonstar88, The Chongkeys, Rocksteddy, Franco, Urbandub and Kamikazee.



this was so amazing


KC Montero, Tado, Cesca Litton, Jimmy Muna as the event’s hosts

The first band to perform was Save Me Hollywood. It was my first time to hear their music, and the very first thing I noticed was that their music is like Paramore’s. The beat, how Julz sings, and the concept — very, very, very Paramore. And yes, add Juliann Savard’s fashion sense is so Hayley.

311a 313

I just remembered that Chicosci’s bassist Calde has a side band called Save Me Hollywood. I only remembered that when I saw him during their perf. 

317 322

Very Hayley Williams


Melvin, also Typecast’s drummer


The second band was Moonstar88. My second most-awaited band that night because that was the first time I got to see them perform live! Maysh’s voice is so rock and angelic at the same time. Seriously I feel like I’m listening to their album that time, her voice is just so perfect I can’t even.

323b 325

Maysh’s so pretty :( ♥


Bamboo look-a-like haha


The Chongkeys was the third band to perform. Though they are so loud (haha), I like their music style, it’s so unique. Reggae + metal rock. And their songs are so damn hilarious.

331d 336a336338345

haha long hair people

Fourth band was Rocksteddy, one of the best sets of the night. Teddy got this humor that makes the crowd alive, just like Jay of Kamikazee.

347a (1)352357360

teddy instagramming the crowd

359 361 366

stage dive

The next set was Franco. I really really like Franco’s songs. I just wish they didn’t disband since they really got the best line-up. Anyway, they’re still in good terms (Franco, Buwi, Janjan, Ocho, and Gab) after the break-up.

370a (2) 375 377

The next band was Urbandub. C’mon, the crowd was really really wild especially during the First of Summer and Guillotine! And guys, I just love Lalay Lim so much right now she’s now my favorite bassist, next to Buwi (ofcourse hehe).

377a 379 380 381

Lalay ♥_♥

387 390 391 393

And then the last set, the most-awaited set!!! KAMIKAZEE!! That was the best set of the night, and the best set of Kamikazee that I’ve watched so far. They sang 8 songs, far from their usual 5 songs. That was the 4th time I’ve seen them live, and mind you, I’ve already memorized the way they play live, and will never get used to it. They sang (not in particular order) Martyr Nyebera, Seksi Seksi, Doo Bidoo, Halik, Ambisyosa, Huling Sayaw, Sobrang Init and Narda. Best songs ever from Maharot and Romantico. I really made the most out of their set, I sang with them on every song and cried my lungs out throughout their set. The last time I saw them live was last October, it has been seven months and I missed them so much. I missed Jay’s dance moves and Jomal’s laugh. I just missed them so freaking much. Every gig/concert, I just fall in love with them more and more and more and more. I love these guys and I’ll support them no matter what happens.

395 407416426

Jay’s dance moves ♥



crowd surf…. their gigs aren’t complete without this


I love you Jose Ma. Luis Linao!!!!


dark side


papa bords <3


Puto <3


Led <3 

484a (1)

These are my boysssssss. Mahal na mahal ko ‘tong mga ‘to. Feeling ko matatagalan nanaman bago ko makapaggig ulit pero susuportahan ko ‘tong mga ‘to hanggang sa huli!!! Romantico 4ever ♥

First time in MoA Arena, and yes, OPM pa rin. I hope Philippine Concerts and Manila Concert Scene will give more shows like this to OPM acts! OPM FOREVER. <3


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