Blue Turns Gold

Last friday, January 25th, we (seniors, juniors, teachers and parents) celebrated a countdown thingy for MaSci’s upcoming 50th anniversary on October. My dream gown for this event–a serpentina gown smth liek that–was shattered because the time was not enough to look for something like that. So I borrowed a gown, which I love also though its fit on me was not that great but it’s still great idk why it’s like that okay.

109 112 119


what i woreeeeeee – purple gown borrowed from my cousin, shoes from gibi, accessories from everywhere, hair and make-up by someone


the amazing work of the amazing sir boni


i said i love lights


3/5 alpa.. got no picture that we’re complete

170 171

i love you guys


ruther.. feels so good



~*ang muling el bimbo*~


violet and pink so girly

The Gold Ball was.. fine. No, when it comes to the program, it was quite longer than last year’s. When it comes to food, last year’s was better. When it comes to venue, Esplanade was definitely better. But all in all, the happiness, and the joy, and the fun, was just equal. Except for the fact that this year’s DJ was so fail, idk the songs and how he plays it, it’s just so quite annoying. Nonetheless, thank you Junior parents for this one of a kind event. Yes, we all know that this is just a ~*pakulo*~ but it was great (though I still find the number of party hours not enough). Well, that’s it. Ika nga sa tagalog, nakaraos din. Time flies so fast. I’m looking forward for the 22nd’s event, costume kung costume hehe.

GOLD. 9 months to go! :)


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