I Can Feel The College Vibes Coming

Since August, different examinations from different universities have started. It started with University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) — the only test I took seriously. T’was one of a kind experience being one of the 75, 000 students that were given the chance to take this one of a kind admission test. UPCAT has the most difficult Science, and the easiest Language Proficiency. But then again after I took the test, I realized that maybe UPCAT wasn’t that difficult, but there’s quota, and that’s the real opponent.

On September was the Ateneo de Manila College Entrance Test (ACET) — the most time-pressure test I ever took. That test was easy because it has no Science. On October was De La Salle University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET). Well, that’s the most difficult test, for me. Difficult Math, difficult Science, difficult English, everything. December was my time for University of Sto. Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) and MAPUA College Admission Test. Those two were the most easiest among the six exams I took! Lastly, the sixth one, is the PLMAT, well.

The first one, was MAPUA-CET/CAT/wtv. Anyway, Makati campus, BS Accountancy.


Last January, the other results started coming out. The first one was DLSUCET. I didn’t expect anything from this university since like what I said, that’s the most freaking difficult. Before I went to school that time, I checked the site and typed my Reference Number and surname and voila this came out!!


I didn’t expect this seriously and that course is really one of my dream courses!!

It was January 12 when ACET results came out! This university got the most number of requirements needed, well plus the scholarship requirements. But it was worth it. 8 AM that day, results were out in the campus. 10 AM something when someone posted pictures of the list of passers. I didn’t have the guts to check my name on the pictures of list so I check my classmates’ names since I’m so nervous. Exactly 12 noon, the online results were available, entered my full name, and voila!!


That time, I wasn’t expecting anything from Ateneo anymore. But then I saw this. I checked the pictures of the list if my name was really there, it was there!!! I was so happy even tho I didn’t get the scholarship and I didn’t pass my first choice (BSM-AMF). That’s really my dream course, btw. But anyway, I’m so thankful for this!

The third one was USTET. Not being mayabang or anything but I already expected this lol.


But still, great average, great ranking. Grateful. :)

This day, I was just about to get out of my bed when someone tweeted that UPCAT results are out. Every Senior who took the UPCAT has been longing for this, but not every one will get what he or she wants. And so I checked my name on the list. This.. freaking.. welcomed.. me.. on.. that.. page..

Untitled - Copy

Well, yes, there’s no sign of Collantes, Ria Victoria Alcoriza there. No sign of BS BAA/BS Mathematics in Diliman. No sign of me passing the UPCAT.

That, well, is the most depressing part of entrance exams. I’m grateful for passing the three, but my dream of passing every school of Big Four is shattered. My dream of passing University of the Philippines is shattered.

What I am thinking is, maybe God has better plans. I applied for a scholarship in La Salle last Thursday, and if I passed, ANIMO. But if not, I’ll write a scholarship appeal letter to Ateneo, if I passed, One Big Fight. If not, nothing will stop me, I’ll go to either of the two.

It hurts, yes. UP has always been my dream school. BS BAA has always been my dream course. But it’s not meant for me. UP is not meant for me.

I think God wants me to have no hard time choosing. But I still don’t know where to go, right now. And as of now, I’m torn between wanting to be recognized as one of the best (Ateneo) or be more well rounded (DLSU). And of course my friends, what about them liek huhuhu :( Okay I really don’t know what to do.

Congrats to everyone who passed the big four, especially UP. Maybe sometimes failing is a blessing in disguise.I will always be ISKA by heart. ANIMO or ONEBIGFIGHT. Archer of Eagle. Blue or Green. Wherever I’ll go, I know God will always be with me. Anyway, it’s not always about the school. It’s about the student, how a student studies, and how a student goes on in life.


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