Magical Masquerade

Last night was our last (for the Seniors) promenade, which really happened to be an awesome night for everyone!! The said event was supposed to be last Friday, February 22, but due to the non-stop rain that day, the event was postponed and was rescheduled yesterday, February 25; and yes, thank you weather for finally cooperating with us!

So my mom and I went to MaSci by 4 PM, and arrived there at 4:30 something. And yes, I was welcomed by the awesome awesome awesome decors in front of Main Building. Then I went straight to our homeroom or house (as Ma’am Soriano called it), and found few Moseley haha. By, 5:30 we’re almost complete, and thank you for this great homeroom where we were able to see some Seniors on their costumes — which were really great — going to their respective houses.


credits to alenna’s picture — hehe, amazing curtains and tablesss



061the boys

067snow white and the witch

Then by the time the sun went down (I think), the bell started to ring, and the lights on every house went off, and the glowing bracelets went glowing, and the Juniors in front of Maceda building went singing the songs that I think were for us (chos!!).



090glowing bracelets everywhereeee


Then the Seniors started walking along MaSci, from Maceda to Main to Bordner and Botanical Garden!! We were surprised by the amazing lights and decorations that were so beautiful! I mean, me as a big lover of lights and colors would greatly appreciate those things bigtime!! And yes it was so colorful and amazing and colorful and awesome.


103welcome to paradise


That was the highlight of the promenade, for me. Seeing Juniors serenading (?) the Seniors outside the Maceda building with those candles, and walking along the buildings of MaSci, it was definitely the most unforgettable part of the night!

When everyone’s settled in the Amadome a.k.a MaSci’s paradise, the programme proper started with a Doxology. After that, Sir Orines, the master of our ship and king of our kingdom surprised us with his song number that was supposed to be just an opening message to everyone. He, along with the chorale, sang Michael Bolton’s Go The Distance and Neocolours’ Tuloy Pa Rin. We were surprised by his amazing and beautiful voice; it is only in MaSci wherein you could find a cool principal like him (though he really got this strict rules when it comes to school proper lol).


136sir orines a.k.a papa o a.k.a sir chief a.k.a papa chen

And another thing that surprised us (yes, the night was full of surprises) — the teachers!! It was really nice to know that MaSci’s teachers are not kill-joy, and would really do everything too, to enjoy a once-a-year event of MaSci. Yes, they’re also in their own costumes (career na career nila).

116ansay niyo sa crown ni ma’am de paula <3


122little prince

186and the star of the night award goes to *drum rolls* sir carpio a.k.a amidala!!

Uhh, the only thing I didn’t like much was the programme proper (though MaSci got an awesome sound system last night hehe). I like the Programme last year more than this year’s. But well, dinala ni Papa O ang programme talaga <3

And then the dinner, dun dun dun, I liked the food, despite the long line we must went through before getting the food we want. Hehe the chicken fillet with white sauce was the most delicious.

After the dinner, the Cotillion was presented and I could say that it was more awesome (and presentable) than last year’s. This year, they had the cotillion, and tango (na feel na feel ng dancers); while we had cotillion and foxtrot last year (which was so fail).



Right after the cotillion, the party started!! It was so fun, and amazing, and great, and awesome (how many times have I used those adjectives in this post). Despite of the blister-full feet, and sweaty faces and bodies, it was obvious that juniors and seniors did their best to have fuuuuuuunnn. And yes, we all had it. Moseley formed this huge circle, and made different choreographs that will suit the musics; and the really amazing front-back-left-right choreo hehe. And Sir Apostol had it again, leading the whole crowd with his not-so-old-and-not-so-new dance steps!!


199ian i can see your face hahahaha


205fail light paints



226prom king and queen ahehe

Thank you to everyone who made my night, most especially to Moseley people who really were the reasons why I enjoyed my last prom. Last night’s event was a great proof that the venue doesn’t matter for people to have fun. It just depends on how you’ll spend night, and on the people you’re going to spend it with. It just depends on how party-goer you are, and will do anything to have fun.

I remember Ma’am Soriano saying to the Seniors that the Juniors will give us the best prom, as a reward for the best prom we gave to the seniors last year. And yes, it was the best prom indeed. Out of the 4 promenades (including the thanksgiving and gold) I had, this prom is the prom I enjoyed the most! And for that, I would like to thank the whole junior body together with their parents and the ever supporting Ma’am Soriano. The Magical Masquerade really turned magical.. and splendid. MaSci was transformed to a paradise, and the students were transformed to royalties; magical indeed.

And with that, one of my realizations is, I hope they won’t remove the decorations. And last.. I hope every night is a prom night.



055Snow White has been my favorite Disney Princess ever since!! When they said the theme is magical masquerade, first thing that came to my mind was either Hermione Granger or Snow White. But heroes and wizards weren’t allowed (well), I chose Snow White hehe. (excuse the messy house)


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