Huling Sayaw (Last Dance)

I solemnly swear this was the best night of my high school life!! Seriously, I don’t regret attending this event.




They called it Send-off Party for Batch 2013, but we called it simply.. party. Ayaw naming masent-off na lang basta-basta duh. Anyway, I swear to God that this Graduation Ball turned to something like comedy bar. The presidents, anyway gave their own messages to the whole senior body and to their respective sections for the past 4 years. And some videos for the sections were presented.

092The three amazing emcees of the night

pagePresidents giving their messages (Townes, Roentgen, Moseley)


Dinners are always the best part of such events and seriously this year’s Graduation Ball got the best catering ever!! Josiah’s Catering everyone hehe. But seriously, thank you PTA for the amazing food that really really made every senior’s night!

134 135

After the dinner, we were given a chance to enjoy the dance floor or to take pictures with friends for a few minutes and this was the result…

page312 shades of happiness love you guys

page4Moseley invades my camera part 1

Next part was the games part. The first game was there would be a pixelated photo shown on the white screen and we need to guess who or what’s in the picture. The second game was when Mc’s going to imitate some teachers, and we need (ofcourse) to guess who the teacher is. The third was the trivias. And the last one was the pageant. Best part of the games, indeed. The question and answer portion was totally.. joketime.

After that was one of the most awaited part.. the bands!! The first band was Kalapoy and they sang Beer of Itchyworms. The second was Baconstrips who sang Moonstar88’s Migraine, Yeng’s Time In and Paramore’s My Heart. Third band was Safety Pin who sang songs that I really forgot already.



page7Safety Pin

And…. party started..

page10Moseley invades my camera part 2

After the short party haha, Cream J played for a while with four songs — Kamikazee’s Halik, Join The Club’s Nobela, Kamikazee’s Hanggang Tingin and Paramore’s Crushcrushcrush.

page8Cream J — the whole senior body will definitely miss this band

374 392 394These are the times when I’m thinking, “kelan kaya ako makakagawa ng maayos na light paint pictures tuwing party”

504Last dance

Thank you to everyone. To every body that is a part of the senior body. To God for making this event possible. To the PTA, for the amazing venue, amazing foods, amazing sounds, amazing dance floor. To the presidents for the amazing program. To the three masters of the ceremony. To AlPa, though the time is limited, we still got to enjoy it; hence, thank you guys love you. To Moseley, thank you for spending the night with me guys hihi I’ll definitely miss you all :-)

This event was our last event as MaScians (I mean, before we officially leave and got our cards) and I am really really sure that everyone among the batch enjoyed the night. At least for the last time, we made our stay worthwhile. Despite the tears, this was really one heck of a night. But let’s talk about the real thing here. We’re all happy because of the whole party that turned out really really great! But the thing is, we’re really sad. Really sad. Last night, last party, last event. Who wouldn’t be sad? I know some of us guys cried that night, it’s alright, part yan ng goodbyes. But I hope that despite of the goodbyes and tears and sadness, we enjoyed our last party as high schools. Actually alumni na nga eh. Anyway, nevermind na yun. :)

Again, thank you to everyone who made my night hihi I love you guys :-)


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