A Thousand Years

It’s my second time to witness a wedding (my first time was when I was 5 or 6 years old that’s why I don’t have anything with weds that time yet) and I can actually feel the emotions all over groom and bride’s families and friends. The entourage song was A Thousand Years, a perfect song for weddings (well duh, breaking dawn!).


The ceremony wasn’t ordinary since the groom is not a Catholic, but it was simpler than a Catholic wedding. The preacher’s homily (if that was called ‘homily’) was amazing and really heart-whelming especially to the newly weds.

098 102 152 155 204


This wedding made me think of the future lol I want an awesome wedding. Wedding like Contreras-Abad Nuptials last 2009. That’s the most amazing wedding I’ve ever seen…… in pictures! I want smth like that. ANYWAY THAT’LL BE SO MANY YEARS FROM NOW SO WHY BOTHER HAHA.

I hope this couple (now husband and wife) will live a happy life together forever! :)


my brotha so gwafo


chloe flower guuuurl



obligatory family pic (yes my sister (on the right most side) and i got matching outfits lol)


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