Ria’s bests of 2012

Here comes the day when people keep on blogging or tweeting or posting their year-end reviews, and who cares but I’m one of those people!!

I couldn’t actually remember everything right now, it feels like I’m under an amnesia at this very moment. Bear with this post, the things included below are just the highlights, I’m not going to put everything that happened this year lol!

our lantern during that night (Portraits to Remember)

Thanksgiving Party – that night was magical (not in terms of dates or first/last dance), but that night really was something :)

Hunger Games with AlPa!

3 Months of Calvin and the last dayyy!

Outing with AlPa!

Nucleus dayssssssss :)

Rap-Rockan 2 @ Metrobar QC

Romantico Album Launch

MKNM Album Launch

Random galasss of AlPa

7 Months of Moseleyyy





Random family galasss


19 East gig – Parokya, Kamikazee, Chicosci, Gloc-9, Typecast, The Youth, best day ever!!!!!! <3


Best birthday greeting ever!!!

That’s all for 2012, I think. Those are the greatest memories of 2012 to be treasured! 2012 has been the best year so far, it (was) really something. From the most nervous-ing entrance exams to the wildest gigs, 2012’s the awesome year I ever had! I’m wishing.. and planning.. to have more of theseeee on 2013, and of course hoping to pass the entrance exams!

To the people who made this year, thank you. :) I hope you will all stay till 2013 (or forever chos), especially the high school friends hihi. Happy new year guys, may we all have the best of 2013 ahead!


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