Happy Birthday Ate Chichi!

Yesterday was the birthday of the greatest sister in town, and we celebrated it two times hehe.

The day before her birthday, we went to Cowbow Grill Q. Ave to make salubong on 12 o’clock and celebrate the start of her day!!

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yummy yummy cheesesticks, caldereta and sisig


zombie rhuuum


margarita cocktail


not promoting or something but tanduay ice!

Three bands performed that night but I forgot the names, it was just the first band has this cute keyboard-ist that looks like Ocho of Queso, and the second band has the hardest metallic sound I ever heard and it’s not nice, and the third was the most amazing they had two vocalists and all the songs they sang were the bests of 2012 and other requests yea

On the real day, December 30, our family went to MoA to watch Sisterakas and have a dinner! We were late for the 4 PM movie time so we ate dinner first and decided to watch at 7 PM time. We had dinner at Racks and yeah, the movie was great hehe full of GVs I can still remember tons of jokes from the film and still couldn’t recover from them.

111 131 133 135 137

Anyhoo, cheers to the best sister one can ever have! Love love love and thank you soooo much for everything!!

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