Last and Best

Last Thursday, we, the Batch 2013, had our last Christmas party in MaSci huhu. But I actually enjoyed this last party and I can say that this has been the best since first year yay!

I came at MaSci by 10:30 and on my surprise, every section’s already having their own parties (some of these sections were already having their eating time lol), and yes, Moseley’s still waiting for the others. HAHA. Waiting for the others and finding a good sound system for almost an hour, the whole Moseley population thought that that party would be the most boring party of their lives… evah!

Everyone has started going home or going to their very own galas, when Moseley was about to start. Amazingly, Newton (or Sir Tapar, rly) let us have their speakers omg thank you!, and we’ve got to start with a great great great loud music!

But before anything else, hehe a mini reunion just for the sake of picture…..

032 033 037 038 039 040


Back from hiatus lololol band ang peg hehe missed this guuuurlsss ew lol

The boring party turned on to a cheerful one when we started these greenyyy games hehe.

046 047 055 056 059080 082 083


Since we were so hungry (correction: we always are lol), we stopped having games for a while and ate the oh-so-many foods on the table hehe.

089 090 093 094

Moseley being Moseley when it comes to food


100 108 109

Expectedly, just like on other parties, when eating’s done, everything’s done. Lol, we’ve got no chance to play anymore since everyone’s lazy already, though we’ve got so many games still, but yeah, what we did was clean the room and take pictures and have exchange gifts.

136 148 159 165189 179 184


funniest exchange gift i had hehehehe

After the party proper, Moseley (19 of us) decided to go to MoA hehe. That was our 2nd gala that we were more than 15 or so, hehe the last one’s during Vanden’s birthday. Anyway, we rode a bus to Buendia and rode a jeep that goes to MoA there. It was fun hehe riding a bus and occupying almost 7 set of chairs on the last rows, and riding a jeep having others on top (lol) of the others.

202 203


We were supposed to play billiards or bowling but the MoA Bowling Center was so full we couldn’t find a space to stay. So we searched through MoA and decided to eat first so we went to Chowking hehe!

207 208 221 222 223

After that we decided to ride the extraordinary outdoor viking omg! Before our turn, just seeing the riders’ faces and hearing their loud screams made me nervous that I want to back out because I might just die (I’m afraid of heights huhu). But forcing myself not to be the KJ person of barkada, I went on. Huhu lol when the viking started going vertical I wasn’t opening my eyes and I was just holding Shueb and Vanden’s hands and when I was opening my eyes I was feeling like that was the last minute of my life huhu OA but that’s the way I feel that time :(( But the blissful part was when we were already used to the speed and height of the viking, we just sang our choice piece lol everyone’s looking at us but who cares it was so fun hehehe!

We missed the sunset because of that freaking ride but it was still fun and we still got to see a part of the sunset so yolo hehe!

233 234 239 244

pretty pretty sky yayyyy

236 238a 241 242 (2) 243a 246 256 258a 260

cute nila guys heheheheĀ 




Batangski yan eh.


every color every hue



I like those poortography shots under the black sky lol hehe so poor aspiring photographer me huhu :(

Anyhoo, I really really enjoyed this day, Moseley. Thank you guysssss. As I said, this party was my last but definitely my beeeessssttt. Thank you thank you love you guys!! >:D<



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