Carol Fest Finals

Actually a late post, but who cares because we had the finals for this year’s Carol Fest last Wednesday!

Anywoo, I forgot to say that last month, Moseley got this awesome chance to be included on the finals! It was definitely one of the most extraordinary moments of my high school life since it was actually my first time to have a section that is one of the finalists for Carol Fest. And yeah, we were so happy that we found that moment so relieving because every practice, every vacant that we’re supposed to sleep but we practiced instead, gained something. The contest piece was entitled A Christmas Carol that was arranged by Ryan Cayabyab. Well oh well, that was the most difficult piece I encountered for four years of Carol Fest in MaSci (we had Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer when I was first year, Winter Wonderland on second year, Feliz Navidad on third year). We practiced the first three pages the Saturday after the Speech Choir (talk about seriousness to win), and finished the rest during vacants and excused periods. The come with us in a sooooong part was the most exhausting, truth be told! Anywaaaaaaay, here’s our performance last November!

602295_529974380348871_834506039_n 75252_529974463682196_674027786_n

We had the most simplest costume among the 16 sections, but who caressss. I’m so proud of Moseley especially when we got to finish the actual perf that time I’ve got goosebumps all over me lol! Hehe, special thankyouss to our catechist for blessing us before that contest and to Sir Sarmiento and our student teacher in Eco since we had them during our last (and finished and best (lol)) practice.

Okay that was so late yet so long. Back to the real topic — Carol Fest Finals 2012 — oh wait….

Saturday after the eliminations, we had our first practice for the finals (talk about seriousness to win again lol). Actually, our first choice piece was something medley with Filipino carols (those which are really used on carolings). That piece was actually awesome, but since we ran out of time finishing the sheet music, we changed it onto Carol of the Bells. And since we’re sick of the normal tune and normal piece itself, we used the Pentatonix cover of the said song, and added some Libera version on the start. We had a hard time polishing the piece, especially the altossss because the main part’s going to be sang by us, and we need to sing it louder but softly (okay) that’s why it was so freaking difficult! But anywoo, we polished it though I think it’s really not enough :( Well.. here it is.

After the perf, I was so relieved. Well, we did our best and I was so happy and we were so happy I felt so infinite. But after hearing the other sections, we somehow lost hope but still happy because we did our best and that’s the most important, right?!


Tenor practicing their “merry merry Christmas” part using this hi-tech earphones connector haha maestro’s so cool lol


What they were listening to was pentatonix’s version hihi


Ian being Ian


Busyyyyyy beessssssss


Amadome so full of contestants and audiences

31586_541867525826223_1470034445_n 3840_541867589159550_1319292214_n 37085_541867579159551_1236968316_n

Millikan’s perf was the most goosebump-ing perf for the category A for me

8869_541867595826216_405088648_n 12070_541867785826197_225587383_n 199633_541867842492858_601945490_n

All I noticed was it’s really normal that category A contestants would be shocked on category B contestants’ costumes… obviously, these people lend so much money just for the costume (including Moseley lol)


Lawrence’s Silent Night Nanaman and A Christmas Carol giving goosebumps everywheeeerreee (they should’ve won — that’s my opinion lol)

393129_541868609159448_279569806_n 15506_541868662492776_389986838_n


Bass’s barararambambambams and Ian’s beatbox – most amazing things evaaah


Townes’ don’t stop believing was amazing though the mic kinda ruined it

68642_541869062492736_271657107_n 541686_541869342492708_1072682640_n

These two junior contestants were amazing and their perfs are amazingly amazing giving goosebumps everywhereeee especially Berze’s hehe


And Faradayyyyy, who got the First Place’s trophy, had the most amazing costume, and the most amazing A Christmas Carol and choice piece!!

Though we didn’t make it, I’m still happy that I still got this awesome chance to experience to be in finals!! Thank you, Moseleyyyy. >:)<

393047_541867245826251_1570578422_n 34696_541867405826235_625474865_n

I love you guysssssssss >:)<

(c) Credits to Vanden Bocog for the picturessss


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