Happy Birthday, MaSci!!

This is actually a late post, but who cares. I’ve been a very lazy girl for the past days that I couldn’t even turn the computer on just to blog about this thing. Well anyway, today’s the day, haha, I’m gonna post about the recent MaSci’s 49th Foundation Day!

I went to school by 6:30 something expecting no records of late since duh, it’s Foundation Day! But when I enter the gate of the school premises, I was surprised to see some Moseley people monitoring the students who were entering the Amadome–meaning: we’re on duty. It’s actually normal, since Foundation Day’s on a Tuesday, and we are always on duty every Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I didn’t expect that we’ll still be on a MaSci’s foundation day. And yes, though it was really really obvious on our lazy faces that we were lazy to do the assigned task, we still continued since it’s one of our (ehem! ehem!) responsibilities for MaSci.

After the mass, all students were expected to be on their respective homerooms to get ready for the upcoming program by 9 AM. Well, as expected, a noisy and a messy room of Moseley peepz will welcome you when you enter Maceda Room 11.



B-b-bring the boys out!

ImageHanumen original, and well I actually don’t know where I was when this picture was taken

What happened to our Field Demonstration was actually like a Step Up Revolution–dancing under the rain or dancing in water–lol. But the whole presentation (if you’ll call it that) was great, especially the hands part haha. Got no picture since my mom took a video, instead. Anyway, I also liked Ma’am Carlos’ field demo. Though the routine and steps organizations were kinda messy, and it’s too long, but it’s still great. Though the rain and the waters on the quadrangle really messed everything up!

After that, the students were allowed to go out the school premises. We (Leo, Ian, Vanden, Jossel, Kirt and I) were about to go to KFC to eat, but my mom just asked Leo and I to eat on Senior PTA’s place. The food was great–embutido, kare-kare, chicken something, and brocolli. No regrets, actually. Free but great!

By 1 PM, the foundation day proper started!





What’s actually funny is that, everything’s almost the same every year. The annually held jail booth, wedding booth, and handcuff booth–they’re still there. But MaScians never failed to have a blast every year. This year’s Batis ng Diwa booth, was the booth (I think) that got the most number of customers. People who got tons of trips to have their own friends get wet. The jail booth–the only booth who actually adds the excitement to everything. Making MaScians panic because they might pay or drink something ewwy when they got caught by the varsities, or the bouncers lololol. But yeah, the handcuff booth–oh the handcuff booth. The booth that never failed to fulfill every girl or guy’s wish to have their crush’s hands near themselves. Never failed to complete someone’s foundation day–someone whose only wish is to have a picture with his or her crush.

ImageMajoy with JL–the second time around!

ImageMajoy and JL with Sir Divina and his water gun!!

ImageJC and Karen juts!! =))



Dianne and Leo (hoho sorry dianne)






ImageAlPa Day!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

4:30 PM when the JamFest started. 10 bands (I think) but Cream J was the best!

ImageImageImageC edrick R andolph E arle A ngelo M iguel J emir

I’m not gonna be suprised when 10 years from now, Cream J’s having their gigs on Cowboy Grill or 70’s Bistro. Their band line-up is really really amazing! Cedrick on drums, Randolph on vocals, Earle on lead, Angelo on bass, Cando on drums (occasional, I think haha) and Jemir on rhythm. Randolph’s voice (especially on Halik) was amazing. It was like Jay of Kamikazee was actually on the stage. And of course, who’ll forget Angelo the Sandoman =)) Haha, cool band is cool. :D

This year’s Foundation Day was actually my best one! My first’s boring, second’s boring, third was fun but incomplete since someone didn’t go to MaSci. And this one, this one’s the best! I actually made my time productive–by productive, I mean enjoy everything, every booth, every thing. And yeah, successfully, I enjoyed it. From the Field Demo to the Jam Fest, ah this year’s so great!!!! Unfortunately, the best one’s always the last, huhuhu. Our batch won’t be on MaSci’s golden birthday, but who cares, whatever class I’m gonna have on MaSci’s 50th, I’ll ditch it just to go to the best school ever!!

I think majority really enjoyed the day, well, thanks to SSG pipz, and the teachers, and everyone who made this Foundation Day successful :)

Happy Birthday, MaSci!! ♥ 

(credits to Vanden Bocog for the first and last three pictures)


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