Once Experienced, Always Wanted

Yesterday, and the day before that, Science Camp for this school year 2012-2013 was held. Truth be told, the motto (the title above) is seriously not so true enough. Idk, I’m not that satisfied that I’ll give 9 or 10 out of 10 stars for the camp. I’m planning to give a 6 or 7 out of 10, actually. Well here’s the whole story.

After the practice, we stayed in our homeroom for some rest, and when the it was 12 o’clock noon, we decided to go home. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to yet. So we went home at 1 o’clock. Abby and I went to my house, Leo to his, and Gian to his. We met here and went back together to MaSci.

The registration started 4 past, it was ‘kinda’ organized. If I said ‘kinda’, I’m gonna give an 8 out of 10. We fell in line and waited at the Amadome for about an hour or so. The program proper started almost at 5:30 to 6:00 PM when it said on the programme that it will start at 5:00. Okay, so yeah. Uhh, everything started and finished so late especially the team building (which I expected to be just one activity only, when it turned out to be 3-5 activities). It was past 10:30 when the challenges started.

Truth be told, I was kinda satisfied on my team or district (whatever you called it). Our team leaders were both Juniors, which made everything look like we (the Seniors) depend on them. Because of the shyness or what, we didn’t appeal anymore to avoid issues or whatever. So yeah, I joined the Amaz-scing Race–though I really want the Science Games because based on my experience 2 years before, Amaz-scing Race is so so fail. But since, all my Senior groupmates joined the Amaz-scing Race, I joined there too.

Unexpectedly, it’s more fun this year on the Amaz-scing Race than on the last SciCamp. Our first activity was Standing Eggation, where we need to make eggs (oh god) stand–10 eggs, I mean. The second was Filled me Up, which we must fill a bottle of Magnolia drink after our groupmates answer 5 Science questions. The third was the DNA Structure or whatever it is called, where we must build a DNA structure using plastic balloons. So fail. And the fourth one was the Spider Web (which is the most amazing, really). I like the teamwork here, haha. And I’m one of the person that must go through that hole oh gosh. The fifth challenge was Unlock The Message. We need to answer 4 Science questions, to unlock a lock (ofcourse) to get the riddle. Unfortunately, the questions were all about Biology and I’m really really fucked up on that subject. The first question was about Meiosis, the answer was 2; and the second one was about the Stop Codons, the answer was 3; and the third one’s about valence electrons and the answer was 5; and the last was about Linnaeus’ Taxonomic Hierarchy and the answer was 8. Huhu. And the next challenge was Carpet Ride, which was fun but most of my teammates weren’t with us anymore that time so yeah. And the last challenge we were able to do was the Star Party, where we need to identify the moon cycle, the types of moon, the constellations and something more. The last two challenges were supposed to be the Crawl to Death and Fear Factor which I think would be the best if ever.

The next thing was the Eco-Modelo, which was so so so so fail since it rained. Ah, no space to sit/stand on the Amadome anymore so fail. And yeah, after that we went to Canteen and drink coffee to avoid ourselves on getting sleepy. And we went to our Homeroom but the teachers caught us and commanded us to go back to Quad A. Since we’re not obedient enough, we still lay our bodies down in our homeroom. Haha lol. XD Unintentionally, I fell asleep at 4 past, and was able to woke up by 6:30 AM. And even at this right moment, I still don’t have any idea of what had happened when I’m in the middle of my dreams.

Anyway, after the Science Camp, we (Leo, Abby, Gian and I) were supposed to go home, but I saw AlPa at McDo and decided to eat with them. Haha, we went home at 11 AM. Yay for long bonding. I actually missed that. We were there for almost 4 hours, I think. That’s the best part of the two consecutive days, seriously.

My thoughts about the camp.. here they come.

I actually had this very very high as in to the maximum level expectation on this year’s camp. But yeah, unfortunately (and hate to say), the Science Dept failed to reach my expectation. Since their theme was Hunger-Games-y, I expected a really really Hunger-Games-y challenges (even if it is going to rain). There were some rumors that the theme that’s going to lose will stay at Bordner Building ’til 1 AM–it would be fun if ever. And I actually wanted the thing about them having our foods and we need to get those from them with some thrills and other challenges. And the more challenging challenges would be a yes yes yes. Hihi. But they failed it.

Lol, maybe my expectations were really high. HAHAHA. However, even simple challenges would do actually. And the thing is, they didn’t have a Plan B incase it’ll rain. When the rain fell, it’s really obvious on all the tributes/campers that laziness attacked them.. and expectedly, they get themselves a sleep though it’s not advisable. Duh, if they did a more exciting activities–aside from that Eco-Modelo–even if it is raining, we will enjoy the camp. They said they partied with Gangnam Style, I think it’s fun but I don’t care haha. I actually felt such a bliss when I woke up with Moseley people and literally said “good morning” to them. Anyway, I also knew that Calvin (including AlPa) slept beside the 4th floor Maceda lockers. It must be fun, but ha it’s okay. And AlPa took the bath, and I didn’t join but again it’s okay.

The Science Dept and the facilitators can do more. They’re Science Department, duh. Unfortunately, we’re not going to experience it. Sad to say, the last camp’s kinda fail. But whatever happened, it’s part of the high school life so whatever. I enjoyed it though not totally.

So yeah, 6.5 out of 10 stars.

Not gonna add photos since I got nothing.


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