The Reunion



Finally got a chance to update this blog!

So we watched The Reunion earlier. I’m not really a fan of local films, but this one is an exception. The first time I saw The Reunion’s trailer, I really marked this date and promised myself I’ll watch the movie. Besides it’s about friendship, it’s an Eraserheads-appreciation movie, that’s why it really got my attention.

So yeah, we watched it earlier at Robinsons Cinema, and it was a really great movie, indeed. I didn’t expect that the movie would be like ‘that’. I expected that the plot would be simple, that there would be a flashback of the high school days, and the present time will came and a reunion will happen. But no. I am quite amazed on how Star Cinema directed the film and how they did the plot itself.

The story started with four guys–Pat, Joax, Lloyd and Boggs, portrayed by Kean, Xian, Enchong and Enrique respectively–who are friends since high school and decided to attend their first ever high school reunion. However, they found themselves uncertain that they will attend the reunion since their lives aren’t as successful as the lives of their other batchmates. But beyond that, they still went.

During the reunion, they found themselves reminiscing and missing the past. Each guy’s high school past–specifically the heartbreaks–was flashback-ed, making the viewers understand everything. Pat’s past was about Shirley, Joax’s was about Toyang, Lloyd’s was about Ara, and Boggs’ was about Ligaya. Each one’s love life was full of bliss back then. There were the “maaangas” back then, but during the reunion, no one notices then. And then an incident happen, and Lloyd got to realize where there fucked-up lives started.

It all started with Julie, who has her key missing inside her car and the boys happened to help her that the principal misunderstood because of an awkward situation. Because of this, their girlfriends broke up with them, and they started to live miserably–thinking only of love, thinking only of what-ifs. What if that didn’t happen? What if their girlfriends didn’t break up with them? Would everything still be the same? But everything did happen, and their problem is how to solve the problem they did long time ago.

Lloyd tried finding Ara. He decided that they must get back together, and his friends decided to help him. They went everywhere but didn’t succeed. So they decided to go to Shirley’s house instead, but still didn’t succeed. Throughout their overdrive, there was an accident that made them go to the hospital where Joax found Toyang. Toyang didn’t forgive him and was still bitter about the past. Joax said to Lloyd that if he would pursue his goal to find Ara, Ara would just make him go away just like what Toyang did to Joax. What Joax said to Lloyd lead to argument making Joax to drive himself away, and the others also did. However, after few moments, they still continued their journey.

Pat found Shirley, who is now a model, and Shirley made it obvious to Pat that she has totally changed. Boggs, too, found Ligaya. Unfortunately, Ligaya’s other leg was broken. It’s because Ligaya went to climb the hill of tears–the hill they (Boggs and Ligaya) decided to climb together–and had an accident that lead to this. Joax, however, found out that Toyang has a child and the father’s child is him. And Lloyd, well, talked to Ali–their friend who’s totally in love with Lloyd since high school but Lloyd doesn’t notice it because of Ara–making himself realize that he loves Ali just like how he loves Ara. However, Ali’s going to be on her way to Singapore, that’s why Lloyd went to Ara’s bridal shower and he realized that he doesn’t love him anymore, that he loves Ali. He went to the airport and found Ali their and confessed everything.

On the otherhand, Pat found Shirley one time during her shooting for a magazine thing, and he confessed to her too, making their relationship to be back again. And Boggs. He didn’t mind that Ligaya’s other leg’s broken, that’s why he too confessed to her, and got back together. However, Joax, just made everything clear between him and his son.

The story ended with Boggs and Ligaya’s wedding. During the reception, the guys are with each other having a good time. They are about to part ways soon, and promised that nothing will change whatever happens.

Teka dinudugo na ko. =)) Feeling ko dami ng mali.

Anyway. That’s the plot, though it’s not well-explained. Better watch the movie, guys!

And yeah, I really really find this movie amazing. The ending symbolizes something. Boggs’ ending says that if you really love a person, even he or she is not physically well, you’ll still love him or her no matter what. Pat’s ending was my favorite. That even if everything changes, even if time set you apart for a long period of time, if you’re truly meant for each other, you’ll end up together. Lloyd’s ending was typical. That sometimes the people whom we truly love are just there, we just don’t see them because we’re too busy looking at someone. And Joax’s, well though it’s not a happy ending, I think the movie’s meant to be that way. That sometimes, not all mistakes from the past can be corrected. There are things that are meant to be that way, and once it broke, it can’t be fixed again.

Over-all, the ending symbolizes that even if we’re friends, and we have the same situations, we’ll come up with different endings. And yeah, the friendship. The bond of friendship. Not all friendships lasts, not all friendships survives, but if the promises are kept and you’re determined to really, really, keep the friendship, it will last. It will survive. 

I can’t explain everything here. An A+ for the movie, B for the movie itself, another grade (making it A) for the best soundtrack ever, and another for the poster. I love everything, and to add the beautiful stars they used, oh goodness. :)) I can’t believe I found Kean Cipriano cute during the movie. I usually found him as an arrogant vocalist of Callalily, but in the movie, oh my god, the way he acts was so cute. Haha, and his body tattoo on his back was so cool. Tinalo yung MIRANDA sa braso ni Chito. And Xian, forever and ever, hihi. <3 The two, Enchong and Enrique, were also cute, but not as cute as I found the other two during the film. :))

Anyway, a 5/5.


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