A blast with the people of my universe

After almost a month of having troubles on planning and asking for our parents’ permissions, the long wait’s done.. and it’s worth it.  The first outing on my summer’s a blast! First because I’m with my friends, second because those friends are them–AlPaCoKa-KaGoGeMaCho.

I woke up 3:45 something, I definitely don’t know why, excitement, maybe? I just waited for 5 AM to come, because it’s so early to prepare. I was on McDo by 7 pass, and they were 6 there already and I felt so late. Haha! We waited for Ariadna and Kathleen, and we went off by 8 pass. It only took us almost 25 minutes to be in Cavite. We stopped-over at McDo somewhere to wait for Paola, then went to RFC to have some groceries. It’s almost 10 when we went off to Circle Island.

 While waiting..

Finally, Cavite!

Stop over @ McDo.


Haha, grocery. (Joke lang po yung napakaraming Palmolive shampoo jan. Gago kasi si Kathleen. :]])

“Hindi ka AlPa pag wala kang picture sa salamin.”

It was seriously embarrassing when we asked the office girls lots of questions about having a room instead of cottage. Lucky we had this 20% discount that’s why we had availed it for 2800 pesos, instead of 3500 pesos–thanks to Paola’s neighbor or whatever.

The room was freaking amazing!!! We looked like people who barely saw those kind of rooms. Haha. Jumped on the bed and everything crazy.. we did it. After 20 minutes–maybe–of taking pictures, trying to sleep, and changing of clothes, we decided to swim already. Then yeah, there were so many people on that pool that we can’t swim properly. Haha, but we still had fun despite of the salty water.

First try!!!

We got back to the room after an hour or more, and had shower, and waited for the delivery to come. After eating, we had those photoshoots, soundtrips, and crazy things that a typical teenager won’t do. =)) Lol.

Photoshoot kuno. =))

Vaiiiiiin part 1 =))

It was 2:30 when we went to swim again. We went back to room by 4 PM. Hihi, waited each other to finish showering. Haha, took us 1 hour. And then, vanity.. again.

Swimming part 2 =))

Vaiiiiin part 2 =))

We still were taking pictures tho the office has called and someone has rung the doorbell which means it’s time for us to go. HAHA WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN OMG. Then here it is..

Went out of the room, then picture taking.. again.


We, except Karen and Paola, rode a jeep with a Baclaran-*somewhere* route, and then rode a bus after with a Sta.Cruz-*somewhere* route. Haha, didn’t expect the whole trip to be that fast. It just took us long waiting for the bus, btw.

Bus :>

Siyempre hindi mawawala solo pics. =)) HAHAYAK.

Okay, don’t judge me =))))))))))

Sorry but I can’t post every single photo here, though I want to. Well, just look on our (Kathleen, Karen and I) albums on Facebook yay!

This day was definitely a blast! I seriously can’t think of anything special yesterday.. maybe the room. Haha! Lol, but still, everything’s amazing. Let’s just face it. A simple outing like this would be a blast with these people.

Newsflash! Kanina pa ko nagnonosebleed dito. =)) HAHA! Feeling ko ang daming errors. Who cares. Well.. salamat AlPaCoKaGuKaGoGeMaCho. Sayang wala si Majoy. Arte kasi eh! Pero masaya pa rin naman sobraaa. \:D/ Wala naman ata tayong galang hindi masaya eh.  Kahit nga ordinaryong araw lang eh. Haha. It’s really a great opportunity having you, guys. Yie, flattered. Yeah, lahat na ata naranasan ko senyo. Mula sa pagtulog sa quad, hanggang sa pagkakaroon ng room sa isang resort. Kulang na lang ang overnights. Sana lahat yun maranasan natin.. at alam kong mararanasan natin yun!! Haha. Sana hindi eto yung huli.. kundi sasapatusin ko kayo isa-isa.

Pero salamat talaga sa araw na ‘to! Despite sa matagal na paghihintay kay Kathleen at sa maalat na tubig ng resort, nag-enjoy pa rin tayo. =)) Lagi naman eh. Kahit nga McDo lang. Wag na tayong gumala, puro McDo nalang. HAHAJK. Ngayon lang talaga super nagsink-in sating next year, mahirap na maggala ng ganito. Pero walang mahirap pag gusto. Yie, flattered ulit. Haha. Okay, so sa 22 naman ha!!

Wala pa kong post sa blogspot. Eto muna. :-)


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